Saturday, May 11, 2019

NOVU Active Purifying Facial Scrub Review

I've never really recommend anyone to scrub their face more than two or three times a week. But I think I've found one that's gentle enough to be used daily, especially for people with oily and normal skin type. This NOVU Active Purifying Scrub is truly a super gentle scrub that's in my current favourites. 

Check out my video below to see more of this product! 

The smell reminds me of my old dermalogica products, which I absolutely love. It has a thick milk-gel consistency but doesn't foam up too much after lathering it with water. The beads/scrubs are minimal but just enough to exfoliate my face without over scrubbing. It cleans the face well, as in my face do feel clean but without drying my skin. Almost felt like a milk cleanser. 

Although it's a gentle scrub, I think people with dry skin should still keep scrubbing to a maximum of 3 times a week. However, people with oily/normal/combination skin, feel free to use this daily if you'd like. 

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