Friday, April 26, 2019

Etiqa's New Medical Plan Starts From Only RM1.74 Per Day!

Guilty as charged. I was one of those who didn't care about insurance when I was younger because like most millennials, I was too busy living my life and working so I can earn enough money to live my life. Who has time to care about paying for insurance, right? Especially when we are not able to see the returns immediately or ever.

I'm grateful that my mom took care of everything when I was younger and ignorant towards medical insurance. As a freelancer, I don't have any company medical benefits to fall back to, it's all on me. It was only recently, when I took over and had to pay for my own insurance that I truly started to care about what I was paying for. Every month, forking out RM200 is not a small sum of money for someone like me! How do other people of my age or younger do it?

After doing some research, according to ‘Malaysia Insurance Sector Report 2017/2018’, it seems that the insurance penetration in Malaysia is pretty low, between 40% and 50%, as compared to other developing countries. Our government is hoping to achieve an insurance penetration of 75% by 2020 due to the fact of the increase of medical cost yearly. In 2016, it has been reported that healthcare inflation stood at 11.5% in Malaysia. Imagine how much more will it increase by 2020?  

The worst part was to see stats on the amount of people who suffered due to the inability to pay for the necessary medical treatments while many others went bankrupt trying to pay for their medical bills. iMoney Malaysia mentioned in an article that out of 8,321 debt cases solved by Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) in 2015, 14.3% was due to high medical cost. That’s crazy! All thanks to illnesses that we never thought will happen to us or just too busy to even think about it.

It's really sad to hear such cases but what can you do when you really can't afford insurance? This is where I'm happy to hear that Etiqa is moving towards making it affordable for the people. Their two new plans are truly unique!

Let's start in the one that I'm truly interested in. The Etiqa's e-Medical Pass Insurance, an affordable medical insurance with no lifetime limit. You can get covered starting from as little as RM1.74 per day, that’s around RM55.85 per month or 634.68 per year. THAT'S SO AFFORDABLE! Click here:   

Also, what I love about this e-Medical Pass is that they made it super easy for us to not only sign up but also access when needed. It's all online by just filling in a simple form. No agent fee and no medical check up required for approval. Plus, no hassle of needing to bring along your medical card when you check into a hospital, just provide your IC.

The other new plan is the e-CancerCare Insurance, a protection plan with cash payouts to combat cancer. We all know how unforgiving cancer can be and sometimes when it hits, we probably wouldn't even know about it until it gets serious. When that happens, where are we going to get the lump sum of money to pay for those immediate treatments?

With e-CancerCare, you can get early cash payout for early stage cancers or a lump sum of 150% of the insured amount paid directly to you upon diagnosis of advanced cancer, all from as little as 21 sen a day! Similarly, there's no agent fee, no medical check up required for approval, and it's all online!

Both are truly amazing plans that gives you coverage at a really low price. So which one should you get? In my opinion, I would prioritise the e-Medical Pass as it covers a wider range of illnesses. If you could, try paying a little more to get the Platinum plan as you may think that the Silver plan coverage is good enough for the price of medical fee now but don't forget that the cost of treatments increases as the years goes by, thus, think ahead and get a plan with more coverage if you can afford it.

As for the e-CancerCare, I'd recommend it if you have a little extra every month. Other than trying to prevent cancer by living a healthy daily lifestyle, it's always good to protect yourself with such insurance plan to avoid potential financial crisis.

The new e-Medical Pass and e-CancerCare both comes in Insurance and Takaful version and available for Malaysians between 18 and 55 years old (age next birthday). Of course, the younger you are, the cheaper your plan will be. So, don't wait anymore. Check out for more information on the details and rates now!

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