Friday, March 1, 2019

Suntegrity Moisturising Face Sunscreen Mineral Matte Tinted Coverage Review

I'm glad Suntegrity came out with a newer formula for their tinted sunscreen. Not that I don't love their older version, it's just a little too oily/dewy for some people and this I believe would be a much better option for those who wants something a little more matte. 

I'm not saying that this is super matte either, unfortunately for those oily peeps out there, this is just slightly matte-r than the older formula. Check out my video review as below for a closer look. 

Suntegrity Impeccable Skin Moisturising Face Sunscreen Mineral Matte Tinted Coverage 56.7g (RM299)

There's no difference from the other version when it comes to packaging wise. Still love their pump and sleek packaging, making it super easy to travel with and ultra hygienic. Similarly, just like the previous one, I wished it comes with SPF 50 instead of 30 but it's okay, I can live with SPF 30. This is not meant for you to wear for crazy outdoor activities anyway.

Picture above are the three shades that are available in Malaysia. You don't have to worry too much if it fits you, the tint doesn't really cover much, just helps to slightly even up your skin tone. So as long as you don't pick a shades that way too dark or too light, you should be fine.

I think what's great about this formula is that it doesn't have that strong sunscreen and makeup scent that it used to have. Consistency is not bad, has a good spread and easy to blend on the skin. I think most importantly, is it matte enough? Not really.

As much as I love this tinted sunscreen, I personally think that matte is not really the most accurate description for this product. For me, matte has to be completely no dewy-ness or what so ever. However, this has a slight dewy finish. I love the finish but it's not matte. More matte that the previous version? Yes. But it still leaves a slight dewy finish on the skin.

Suitable for normal, combination and dry skin type but I still think it's a little too dewy for people with oily skin type. Do I recommend this product? Yes cause it's still an amazing natural tinted sunscreen.

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