Friday, March 29, 2019

Beauty Maker Perfect Fit Sponge Review

Ahhh beauty sponges. From the revolutionary Beauty Blender to me trying to compare a fake Beauty Blender, and even trying beauty sponges that are truly horrible. Now we have this, a not super expensive but not really cheap either type of beauty sponge. How will this fair? 

Check out my video review below for more visual! 

Beauty Maker Perfect Fit Sponge is definitely one I feel that might make me reach out more than the original beauty blender. It's certainly firmer than the beauty blender but it's not in any way rough. It's a denser sponge that still puffs up after running it under water. 

The shape of the sponge was one of my concern in the beginning but after trying it out, I realise that I actually do like the shape a lot. The flat bottom as well as the pointed part works so well. Holding it didn't feel awkward nor tiring in any way. It's in fact very comfortable, the ergonomics is just right. 

As a firmer sponge, it blends surprisingly well without leaving any streaks or soaking up too much of my foundation. Plus, it's actually much easier to clean as compared to a beauty blender, since it's firmer, somehow it makes this sponge tougher and less likely to rip when I wash. Yes, I can get a little rough when I wash my sponges, I tried my best to be gentle but you know sometimes, when we are rushing and you never think much but to just give your sponge a quick wash. Yeah.  

The only thing is that I find that you'll have to really air dry this well after having it damp otherwise, the sponge will smell. When it smells, just wash it well again and air dry it properly this time, the smell should go away. 

Beauty Maker Perfect Fit Sponge - RM47 (Check out their website as they have regular promotions going on) 

Interested to try them? You may purchase them here: (Use code BMXJQ for RM5 discount!) *valid till 11th April 2019*


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