Saturday, March 9, 2019

Annie's Way Jelly Mask Is Weirdly Awesome (Review)

There's something satisfying about applying jelly on your face. As weird as it sounds, it was pretty soothing watching myself scraping that gel off my face. Washing off was quite a workout though. 

I've heard about Annie's Way Jelly Mask before a few times. Seen them on Beauty expo a couple years back, never really tickle my fancy. Only now finally got to try them because it was highly recommended, they told me it was really, really good. And yes, I strongly agree. 

Before we go any deeper, check out my video first impressions below for a better look at the product. p/s: a bonus video of My Husband Tries This Jelly Mask further down this blogpost.  

When they asked me to choose, I requested for two variant just so I can compare to see if there's any difference other than colour. I asked for the what I think will be the most popular or common choice, Lavender, and I another variant that I think is less favourable on first glance, the Q10 anti-aging variant. It was also my intention from the beginning to let my husband try the Lavender option while I try the Q10 anti-aging version on video. 

Check out the bonus video below: 

If you don't know, Annie's Way is a brand originated from Taiwan but all their ingredients are sourced from other countries to get the best produce for their jelly mask. Apparently, from a simple youtube search, is seems pretty popular around the world. Which intrigued me even more.

For every tub of jelly mask, you'll get a unique spatula that you'll use to apply and also remove the jelly mask with. They recommend to apply a thick layer of jelly mask and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. The jelly will dry up a little but not completely but most importantly you'll feel that your skin is tightening/firming up during the waiting period.

Additionally, because you are applying a thick coat of mask, try relaxing in a cooler environment as the last thing you want is to sweat in this. Also, this stays on the face pretty well, it doesn't drip much after being on the face.

After 15-30 minutes, comes the best part, SCRAPING THIS DARN THING OFF. There's just something oddly satisfying watching myself scraping this mask off my face. It doesn't clean off completely though, you'll still have to go to the sink and wash the residue off and man, it takes effort to get my face completely jelly free. However, once you rinsed it well, you'll feel that baby smooth skin immediately. You'll also see a slight brightening and feel the firming effect without drying the skin out. This mask is crazy awesome.

I love this mask but I personally don't see much difference between the lavender variant and the Q10 variant other than their scent. Q10 smell almost like raspberry jello, so dangerous, I was so tempted to eat them. While lavender smells relaxing like lavender, very pleasant and soothing to the nose. On the face, they felt rather similar. Works amazing no doubt, I just feel they all firms, exfoliates, and hydrates well. 

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