Saturday, March 16, 2019

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint Review: Do They Look The Same On My Lips?

Try asking anyone who doesn't care much about colours, they'd probably tell you they all kind of look almost the same. lol. But first, watch my first impression/swatch video below for a closer look. 

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint (4.5ml, RM20)

First off, let's address the issue where the colours looks much darker than what you see on the Althea's website. Someone mentioned to me that my swatches looked darker than what they showed online too. Thus, whatever you buy, just do at least some research online first. 

That's aside, I will have to say I am pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation and comfort that these lippies offer. It's definitely not a liquid lipstick, I mean it's 2019, the trend is towards more glossy and healthy looking lips, so let's move on from all the times we have to endure dry lip products in the name of fashion.  

The formula of these Althea Watercolor Cream Tint are superb. It is creamy, easy to make a gradient lip look, and it's so moisturising on the lips without feeling sticky or greasy. And the best part, it stains like crazy. For once, a lippie that's worthy of the tint name. Just check out the video to see how quickly it stains the lips/hands. 

With the tinting power being so strong, it makes it so easy to go about the day without worrying too much about losing my lip colour even after light eating to drinking. The colour fades gracefully throughout the day but because it tints well, it doesn't leave it completely bare. 

The shades from the bottle and swatches looks quite different from each other. However, if you are a gradient lip person like me, where you prefer to smear the lippie out rather than going a full on bold lip, then you might find them quite similar from a certain distant. There is a slight difference but only those with a good eye/care about colours will say they are all different. 

What I'm trying to say here is that, they are all amazing in quality and formula but because they are so similar to each other, you really don't need all unless you are a lippie fanatic. With only RM20 a pop, they are extremely worth your money. GET THEM PLS. 

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