Friday, February 15, 2019

Battle Of The Natural Leave On Overnight Mask

You love mask but you hate the waiting time? These overnight mask creams are probably for you. I do love my mask but just like more modern young ladies, I can get lazy. When there's a demand, there's a supply. Whoever invented overnight mask creams are a genius. 

Is it extra? Yes, quite extra to add into your already extensive skincare routine. Do I like it? Yes I do, very much actually. Thanks to these babies, I kinda stop sheet masking for almost 2 months straight because I don't really need to use sheet mask anymore when I have this. Lols 

Check out my video review of the two natural mask, The Herb Farm Hydrating Overnight Mask and the Trilogy Age-Proof Overnight Mask, as below. 

The awesome part about both these mask is that they are natural and I personally do trust these brands for their quality products. They are also both from New Zealand and sold from the same distributor in Malaysia, under TNS Skinlab. 

Overall, they both work similarly well with Trilogy one feels a little thicker off the tub. After using it for 2 months or more, I realised that they are definitely don't a moisturiser replacement. In fact, they are horrible if you think you can use them as a moisturiser but when used properly as recommended, which is as a topper/finisher to your skincare routine, they work wonders. I love how my skin feels waking up the next day, super plump and hydrated. 

I do recommend washing off or wiping off the overnight mask in the morning/after waking up if you planning to workout or go to the gym, it somehow makes you sweat funny if you keep it on while working out. It feels heavy on the skin which translates to skin not being able to breathe properly during workouts. 

The Herb Farm Overnight mask has a whiff of floral scent while Trilogy has a slight pharmaceutical scent to it. Because they both works just as well on my skin, I gravitate more towards Trilogy mainly due to the scent. Thus, it really depends on individual. 

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