Friday, February 22, 2019

Althea x BCL Eyeshadow & Spotlight Glitter Review

These are legit pretty. So beautiful! 

The two new eye makeup products Althea came out with is the Althea x BCL Sunrise and Moonrise Eyeshadow palette, and the Spotlight Eye Glitter. Check out my video first impression for a closer look of the products. 

Althea x BCL Sunrise and Moonrise Eyeshadow palette (RM140)

I love that they've came up with these colours and finishes. It even has a plain light brown as a transition colour, how is that not awesome?! All the shades are so beautiful, smooth, easy to blend, creamy, and not bad of a pigmentation for a Korean brand. It's a great palette to travel if you like doing Korean style eye look, you can do so many different looks with this. 

However, I would say that it is a little expensive, I believe it could be because it's a collab product, thus the price. I think it's a great palette and worth your money but only if you don't already own such shades in your makeup collection. 

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter (RM24) 

Super thin brush, super reflective, and the glitters are not too chunky surprisingly. They also adhere to the skin pretty well. They come with two shades, 01 Gold Light and 02 Pink Light. I would say the pink one looks a little more holo as it shifts rainbows slightly in a dimmer lighting condition. Because the brush is so thin, you should use a Q-tip to blend it slightly after applying it on the eyes.

Above eye look focuses more on the eyeshadow palette, I didn't use much of the Spotlight glitters. I'll do another eye look soon. 

Check out Althea's website for more info:


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