Saturday, January 5, 2019

Trending Juicy Lips?! 💋feat. BeautyMaker Water Drop Tint Click Lipstick Swatches & First Impressions

Matte lips seem to be taking a step back this season, making way for juicy/glossy lips to come back in trend. The best part about juicy lips is that a lot of times, they are very easy to apply and perfect for people with dry lips. Additionally, they really help makes your lips looking healthy. 

I have these BeautyMaker Water Drop Tint Click Lipstick with me, not the latest product from BeautyMaker but I was really curious of them after seeing some of their official swatches on the official Malaysia's BeautyMaker website. Thus, collaborated with them to get this video (as below) up! 

If you are interested to buy them, I have a RM5 discount code (BMXJQ) for you all! Only on the Malaysia's BeautyMaker website. *valid till 16/1/2019*

Check out my video for more visual: 

Above are the regular and lip swatches. Overall, I absolutely love these lipsticks! They are so moisturising and I don't need a mirror to apply these. It's such a forgiving lipstick that I could totally get away by just swiping without looking.

The click system is the type that doesn't retract back, thus make sure you don't go crazy clicking everything out. Just click a 3-4 times will do. The lipsticks are very soft and it melts on your lips just as you apply them. Due to the nature of the lipstick, it can get a little streaky during application but just blend it with fingers or just smack your lips together to get them even.

Some colours are pretty similar thus I don't think you need to buy every shade from this range. They stain the lips slightly and they smell amazing. The only downside is that they are not super long lasting. Just like most moisturising lipstick, you'll probably need to reapply every 2-3 hours. Thus, the convenience of applying lipstick without a mirror makes a lot of difference.

Original price is RM76 (on their website) but they are currently on sale for only RM53. Plus, RM5 discount if you use my code!
Get your very own BeautyMaker Water Drop Tint Click Lipstick here: (Use code BMXJQ for RM5 discount!) *valid till 16/1/2019*


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