Friday, January 11, 2019

The New Huda Beauty Nude Eyeshadow Palette Review [Demo + Swatches]

Last Christmas (or more like few days before Christmas), while I was doing some alone time shopping, I decided to drop by Sephora and check out the Huda Beauty Nude Palette as I have been eyeing on this particular eyeshadow palette for the longest time. 

As always, you go in, you touch touch, and magically everything sparks joy, you'll walk out with it. I'm no exception. The only unexpected thing was that I thought since it was festive season, they should have some kind of dicount/promo or at least, more freebies. Unfortunately no, apparently all their RM300 and above freebies (the good stuffs) are gone. Thus, I only walk out with this and nothing more. Thank God for self control. 

Anyway, here's my review of this wonderful eyeshadow. Check it out below for more visual: 

Overall, this didn't disappoint. I really love every colour in this palette. Do note that there are some a bit patchy and dusty, mostly from the darker matte shades but can be layered need a little more care to blend them out. The concealer is not super pigmented but I use it more like a sticky base to stick my shimmer/glitter shadows, not so much to get a sharp cut crease. The shadows last long and just absolutely beautiful. It's expensive for Malaysians, yes, but I still highly recommend it if you actually do use eyeshadows often.


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