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Full Face W7 Makeup Review!

W7 has finally arrived in Malaysia! I've heard quite a bit from overseas youtubers talking about them since they seem to be quite a dupe for a number of the more expensive makeups out there. Of course, when they contacted me, I said yes because I want to know what's all the hype about.

Big thanks to W7 Malaysia for sending me all these products for me to try and review. It's truly quite a lot of products thus the GRWM video is really, really long. I tried as many products as I can here.

W7 Primer Magic Camera Ready, 30ml

This is your basic silicone primer. Clear, odourless, but works. It fill in your pores, smooths out the skin, yet doesn't dry your skin out nor moisturises it. It's a pretty good primer but remember to wash your face well too to avoid clogging your pores since it's silicone and dimethicone based product.

W7 Sheer Foundation 30g (Nude)

It's such a shame that the shade of this not my match as I really wanted to try this foundation since I personally do quite enjoy a sheer coverage foundation. It's way too orange for my skin. Trying it at the back of my hands, it feels pretty light after blending out and has more of a dewy finish.

W7 HD Foundation 30ml (Buff)

I end up using this foundation cause the colour is just right. I love that this comes in a pump form, making it more hygienic and it doesn't feel heavy or cakey on my face. It's a light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish. Works pretty nicely on my skin but the claim 12 hours wear, unless you stay under aircon and don't sweat, it's possible cause it doesn't fade much. 

W7 Catwalk Concealer 9ml (Fair)

Don't know if this is the lightest shade but nope, it's a little dark for my skin tone. Product itself is not super thick and it doesn't cover very much.

W7 Contour Stick 4g each side (Fair)

This is quite nice to use. I'm not much of a cream contour and highlight girl but this was surprisingly easy to use, easy to blend, and suits my skin tone. It does have that wax-y smell but nothing overpowering. Lightweight and gives a really soft contour after blending it out. Packaging is sturdy, pretty impressive overall.

W7 Strobe and Go! Strobing Stick 5g (Pink Light)

More highlight? Yes! As much as this cream highlight is really pretty, not chunky, and blends really nicely. I just somewhat prefers powder highlight cause I prefer to add my highlight at the end of my makeup routine just to see if I really want or need them after my makeup look done for the day. Plus, after using this before all my powdered products, I personally think that it somewhat got lost in there after I put my blush on. It's pretty but maybe for my current preference.

W7 Catwalk Complexion Compact Powder 7g (Beige) 

Another product that's not my shade unfortunately. The product itself is not bad, pretty smooth, fine, and silky. The packaging is quite flimsy and the puff, darn, they really need to change that. The puff feels too cheap.

W7 Twist and Shape 0.3g (Brown)

I thought the colour wasn't going to suit me but the brown looks pretty nice on my. I love that it has a spooly on one end, makes doing my brows so much easier even if I travel with it. I also like the fact that this comes in an angled sword shaped pencil. The pencil is the tough type, making it pretty forgiving to use as compared to the softer type. Great for beginners.

W7 Colour Me Buff Natural Nudes 15.6g 

Reminds you of a specific eyeshadow palette? Yes, it's kind of a dupe for it. I love the container, a little bit bulky but still manageable for travelling. There's no mirror and the brush that comes with it, sucks. They need to add a blending brush. Other than that, the matte shadows are a little bit chalky but pigmented. Takes a while to blend but still works. The shimmery shades are the nicer ones and much easier to work with. It's an okay palette that last fairly well on the lids, works for anyone who likes to do western or asian style of makeup.

W7 Super Gel Duluxe Eyeliner in Blackest Black 1.5g

The pencil is quite tough to work with. I recommend blunting the pencil a little before fully going into your waterline or tightline. Because it's a tough pencil, it's not the easiest to glide on the lids but this makes it pretty forgiving too. I quite like this pencil eyeliner and the soft lines that it gives my eyes but sadly, it smudges and transfers to my undereyes after a couple hours wearing them.

W7 Oh So Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black 15ml

This mascara is wonderful! I usually hate big brushes but darn, the effect that it gives is so pretty. It doesn't give much volume but it separates the lashes so well and slightly lengthens it. It almost look like I'm wearing falsies. It doesn't smudge, holds my curls well, I like very much!

W7 Duo Blusher 7g (02)

These are quite shimmery blushers. Nothing chunky but you can definitely see the shimmers after applying them on your cheeks. The brush that comes with it you can throw away, not worth your time. They are super pigmented thus just a touch will do. A little goes a long way. Quite a nice blusher but just takes a while to get used to its pigmentation but the shades are so pretty.

W7 Kiss Nude Lipstick 3.5g (Pink Sand) 

Classic satin finish lipstick. Super beautiful, universal nude shade that could flatter anyone. Easy to glide on, pigmented, smooth, buttery, and moisturising. A really nice lipstick that does fade too much unless you go eating and drinking.

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