Wednesday, July 11, 2018


I love cute packaging but I'm usually quite sceptical towards products that are made in collaboration with cartoons. Many times, they don't really put too much effort into the kind of ingredients that put in since it's really all about how it looks from the outside. However, even with such thought in mind, I'm still very open to give them a try. 

I've never heard of TSUM TSUM until the day I did this video, I've even watched a short clip of the cartoon while I was filming this just to get an idea what are they all about. Immediately got addicted to all the cuteness, no wonder they are collaborating with Mentholathum for this collection of beauty care items. 

Watch my video unboxing and first impressions on some of these TSUM TSUM Beauty products below:

Mentholathum Tsum Tsum Face Mask (RM7.90 each sheet) 
I've tried the Lavender variant in the video and I personally do like it. Nothing fancy, just a regular basic sheet mask that do work quite well. Feels good, doesn't sting nor irritate my skin, moisturise and smells good without being too overpowering. Thumbs up from me for their sheet mask. They have 4 variants, Lavender, Rose, Honey, and Tea Tree. 

Mentholathum Tsum Tsum Face Wash (100g, RM14.90) 
They have two variants, Hydra and Whitening Face Wash and Pore Refining Face Wash. Cute packaging but I don't plan to try these as I feel neither of them suit my current face wash preference at the moment. Pore Refining is probably for oily skin type people while Hydra sounds good but the Whitening part doesn't appeal to me. Plus, they have Arbutin in it as one of the main ingredient, I'm not really a big fan of that particular ingredient. 

Mentholathum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lipbalm (3.5gg, RM11.50)
I personally love Mentholathum lipbalm, especially their OGs in simple white packaging with cooling effect and a scent that could freshen up the entire room. I was really hoping these Tsum Tsum lipbalms would be exactly like those, unfortunately, they aren't. They do not have menthol in them :( Thus, I won't be trying these out myself either. However, if you are interested in a non-minty lipbalm, they do have some pretty good ingredients in there such as Vitamin E and Argan oil, both nourishing and extremely hydrating for the lips. Comes in 3 variants, Lime, Peach, and Apple. 

Mentholathum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream (50g, RM16.90)
This hand cream is huge, not something that I can throw it in my purse, especially when I'm trying to switch to a small handbag these days. I'm having a lavender moment while filming, I tried the lavender variant and wow, it smells awesome and feels good on the skin. It's thick yet doesn't feel sticky on the hands. I'll definitely use these by placing them by my work desk. Comes in 3 variants, Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose. 

Mentholathum Tsum Tsum beauty range are available at Watsons, Aeon Wellness, Caring, and Sasa nationwide. 


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