Saturday, June 16, 2018

THE YUBISO SCANDAL + Cushion Puff Review!

Apparently, YUBISO and MINISO are NOT JAPANESE COMPANIES! Thanks to my friend Jess posted the video (link here) and mentioned in her FB post that our Malaysia's own YUBISO and MINISO have the same business concept as MUMUSO in Vietnam, only that instead of Korean, they claim themselves as Japanese. Just Fantastic.

Obviously, I didn't go too deep into the research, this is definitely not an exposé. I just want the public to be aware of this issue. Also, I'm not saying you shouldn't buy their products, just want you to know what you are buying and where are they are from.

Because I was just too afraid to try their makeup or skincare products, I've decided to go with a safer route and get something that I actually do need, which a few cushion puffs. I have a few cushion foundations that are puffless ever since the provided puffs weren't the long lasting kind.

They were only RM6 (less minusing 6% GST) each pack that comes with two puffs. They both have different material but I was more curious about the teardrop-shade red puff than the cute cartoony designed puff.

Performance wise, the red one functions better to my preference. The cartoon one kinda soak up too much product and doesn't deposit well on my skin, so it was quite an effort to cover my face as compared to the red puff. The tapered tip work well to get into the corners of my face and underneath my eyes, reduces the amount times that I have to squish my puff that could potentially be bad for the longevity of the puff. 

Additionally, the cartoon puff looks a little thicker but still fits in a regular cushion foundation case but doesn't feel as soft and bouncy as the red puff. The red one fits very well into a regular sized cushion case.

Despite all the controversy, yes, I'm not happy that they made me think that they are a Japanese company but to be completely honest, I don't think it'll stop people from buying their stuff if the items that they have there are affordable and have the demand. Or even just by looking cute with attractive packaging or something that looks super unique, the public will still pay for it. Unless, the public decides to completely boycott them, then that's another story. 

What do you think? 


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