Friday, June 8, 2018

Rajawali: The Best Ramadan Buffet Ever!

Dex and I, we love our Ramadan food. It's one of the few things we look forward to every year. One of the blessings being in Malaysia is that we can enjoy some of the best Ramadan buffet and among all the ones we have tried, our hearts will always return to Awana's Rajawali Ramadan Buffet.

We are glad that we got the opportunity to enjoy them this year when we were invited for a media trip with Resorts World Genting. Rajawali was the main reason why we said yes and took a weekend trip up, we just couldn't miss this opportunity.

Check out our vlog to see more of Rajawali Ramadan Buffet.

As most Ramadan Buffet, we truly feast with a huge variety of food and desserts. In Rajawali, they are not shy either, they enjoy Buka Puasa session wholehearted with tons of authentic Malay cuisines to other local delights. Of course, some of the Ramadan staples such as Roti John, Murtabak, Rendang, Ayam Masak Rempah, traditional kuih-muih, and etc, are yummy and well cooked, as well as the wonderful big pots of soup that you could DIY by adding your favourite type of noodles, meats, and condiments. However, I highly recommend going ham on the cooked-on-the-spot selection of food as those are the ones that are usually out of this world delicious! 

Here are some of our favourites:


This lamb stole the number 1 spot, it is ridiculously flavourful with sweet, tender, well marinated meat. You can feel the care and love that the chef have provided as you chew and savour every bits of it. 


It's not Ramadan without some good old satay. Yes, it's probably easy to find good satay anywhere in Malaysia but I'm still adding this into my top favourites as they did a pretty good job delivering such delectable meat on skewer.

#3 Fried Fresh Seafood

Ignoring those fishball pieces, all their seafoods are extremely fresh. Watching with my own eyes, the chef grabs a bunch of these and dipped them in a thin batter before dropping them off into a wok of bubbling hot oil. Oh my, I'm drooling just by recalling those epic moments, munching on these mouth-watering fried fresh seafood that are fried to perfection. Not too oily, not undercooked, and never overcooked.   

#4 Malaysian Snacks

Oh yeah, these roadside warung snacks are freshly fried in front of you! As you transfer pieces of pisang goreng (banana fritters) and our very own sweet exotic cempedak goreng (jackfruit fritters), you'll feel the crispiness of these hot treats. Savouring each luscious piece of these tropical fruit fritters with a superb exterior crunch.

#5 Teh Tarik Ikat Tepi

This is how cool Rajawali is, the only Ramadan buffet that you can get you Teh Tarik ice in 'ikat tepi' style! Aesthetically pleasing without compromising the taste of our favourite Teh Tarik. Strong, milky, and not too sweet, just how we like it. 

In essence, Rajawali is an awesome place should you'd like to have a good Ramadan buffet. Also, it's considered really cheap as compared to other hotel ramadan buffets in KL, even cheaper if you book early bird fee. Highly recommend to do reservations as they are usually quite full most nights. 

Rajawali Coffee House
Lobby Floor, Awana Hotel Resorts World Genting,
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang.

Date: 18 May - 13 June 2018
Operating hours: 6pm-9.30pm

Price: RM110 nett (adult), RM55 nett (kid below 12 years old and senior citizen above 60 years old)
Early bird promo: RM90 nett per person (adult) - booking to be made before 20 may 2018.


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