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There's A Breathable, Organic Hair Salon In Bangsar!

Remember all the times we walked into a hair salon and immediately we were overwhelmed by the scent of chemical for hair treatments? Fortunately, there's a hair salon (that I recently found out) in Bangsar that doesn't have that chemical scent lingering in the salon. Eka Roots, hair and scalp wellness is known as a breathable, chemical-free, organic hair salon. It's truly one of its kind!

Walking into such spacious space for a hair salon is extremely rare as mostly salons would pack in as many salon chairs as possible so they could serve as many customer as possible. Believe it, I don't recall any sort of chemical scent lingering in the salon. I believe this is not only healthier for us, adults who are getting our hair done but also moms who bring their kids along.

From treatments to their products, everything in Eka Roots is 100% organic. So if you are pregnant or sensitive to toxic chemicals yet still want to look good, you should really try this place out. Eka Roots work closely with Philip Martins but they do have their own Eka Roots products as well that I will be reviewing at the end of this blogpost.
Here's a rundown of their services and price *as of May 2018*
I recommend calling in to get more information. 

Eka Roots' Hair Toxx Service

Hair Toxx, also known as hair botox, claims to make your hair super smooth and soft. It's paraben free, salt free, mineral oil free, sulphate free, pretty much free from any sort of harmful chemicals and the ingredients of Hair Toxx are plant based.

Before trying their Hair Toxx service, my hair wasn't in its worst state that I've ever had before but definitely can use some improving. I was pretty excited of the result as I was recommended highly of this treatment and supposingly last for about a month if I use the right shampoo.

The treatment started with a gentle shampoo, washing and prep my hair for the next step, mask and serum. Once all strands are coated, my hair was left to steam for about 15 minutes. Final step was rinsing and blow drying. 

I was told that I could immediately feel the difference even before blow drying but I personally don't feel much difference just by touching my hair after rinsing. The only thing I notice was that my hair wasn't as tangly when the stylist was combing through my damp hair. It was only after they blow dried my hair where I truly felt how extremely soft and smooth my hair was. I was extremely impressed. However, the real test is to see if the result of this treatment will last long as they had mentioned. 

Eka Roots Shampoo and Conditioner

So, since I was advised to use shampoos that are pretty much organic, without all the chemicals, I wanted to buy their own Eka Roots Shampoo and Conditioner to try myself. However, they were kind enough to give me a set for review purposes. I'm thankful for that but don't worry, this doesn't change how I review things.

Above picture are the products that I've been using for the past 3 weeks. Looking at their ingredient list, seem pretty good. I personally absolutely love this set. The shampoo smells amazing, left my hair feeling clean yet not overly drying. The problem with natural shampoo is that I realise most of the once that I've tried before, they don't clean as well as this do. Eka Roots conditioner is also something I really enjoy. Again, it smells amazing and it works well as a conditioner but doesn't leave that overly slippery feeling like well, dove's conditioner does.

After 3 weeks of maintaining with Eka Roots' shampoo and conditioner, I have to say that my hair is obviously not as soft and smooth as Day 1 but I do realise that combing my hair now is so much easier now than before the treatment. It doesn't tangle up as badly as before. My hair feels much more manageable now, I don't look like crap if I'm too lazy to run my hair through with my heated curling comb, I can just comb and air dry it!

Overall, I personally do recommend at least give this organic hair salon a try even if you don't feel like doing the hair toxx treatment. I bet you'll love their services. Additionally, they also do nails, serve awesome coffee and tea, and if you are feeling a little stressed out and need some wine to unwind, try asking if they have any in stock.

Eka Roots Hair and Scalp Wellness (Organic Hair Salon in Bangsar)
123 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 KL, Malaysia.


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