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Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask & Moisture Ceramide Light Cream Review!

JELLY ESSENCE MASK? Is it new? Definitely my first time hearing about this and trying this on. Mamonde sent me a few new products and they are the Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask and Moisture Ceramide Light Cream. I guess after trying out both, I was more intrigued by the mask than the cream.
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Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask (Calendula variant)

I was trying to research on how much they are selling this in Malaysia but apparently they haven't started selling these yet. What?! So I don't know the price of this mask. Lols. Nevertheless, I'm still going to review one of this product that I've tried recently. 

I would assume that the new Flower Lab Essence Mask will have 5 different variant since they've sent me 5 of them. Each of them have somewhat a little difference in functions but all seem to be either moisturising or hydrating, and all these mask comes with Light Fit Sheets made from eucalyptus tree pulp to help adhere better to the skin. I was mostly interested in the JELLY ESSENCE packet, the Calendula type. 

So I tried this one in the video. Oh my, it was actually pretty interesting. The jelly essence made it very familiar for my skin as I enjoy using hydrogel mask a lot, this feels quite similar even though the cellulose sheet itself feels more like a fabric. I was quite impressed with the sheets too. They held up so well on my face that even if I decides to walk around and do some cleaning, I actually can because it truly adheres really well on my skin. It didn't dry off as quickly as other regular cotton mask, even after 20 mins, my cheeks and forehead area was still quite wet. 

After taking it off, my skin felt great. Thoroughly nourished and moisturised. Left a layer of glowing glory on my face that I love just before going to bed. My skin and I felt really good. I think more brands should start making more of these jelly sort-of-essence-type mask. Highly recommended by me. As for the other 4 mask, hibiscus, camellia, magnolia, and rose, I haven't try them out yet.

Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream (50ml, RM139)

In the video, I've used it immediately after the mask, so I can't really tell if it's really any good or not. So, I've tried it again for a few days just with my regular skincare routine without masking, I was kinda spot on as how I think I would feel about this product. I knew that a light cream probably won't work as well for me ever since I've found my current absolute favourite moisturiser that comes in a super thick cream form. 

However, I wouldn't say that this is a bad product. It's in my OKAY category of products. I don't hate it. It works fine as a moisturiser and smells good. I think this would suit people with dry combination skin type better as compared to a super dry skin type like mine. I still use this, mostly in the day time when I don't feel like I want to put on too thick of a cream so I can pile on makeup. I think it's great for weather such as Malaysia's, hot and humid, going out with a super thick cream would be a little uncomfortable even for me. Then again, I'm mostly at home. :D 

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