Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Food Bar - BUFFET Breakfast, Lunch, or Tea For RM15 Or Less!

I know this is concept is kind of crazy but I saw this on Facebook one day and can't help it but to bring Dexter here to try their food out. Plus, the place looks amazing, girls will love to come here and snap a few pictures for their instagram, I know I did. 

(Current) Food Bar - Fashion Library Buffet Price: 
Breakfast (8am-10.45am) - RM7
Lunch (12pm-2.45pm) - RM15
Tea Time (3pm-6pm) - RM10

Food Bar - Fashion Library is a Community Dining restaurant with a Honour System concept. Which means that they do not have someone standing at the cashier collecting payment from you. You pay by dropping your cash into a huge jar in the center of the room, get a table, and enjoy your buffet meal. I would assume that if you choose to support them and want to pay more, you can definitely do so. If you pay less (I personally don't recommend. Please la, don't be so cheapskate, it's already very cheap d), you could possibly still get away with it. 

We decided to stop by for their Tea Session. By 2.50pm, there were already people sitting inside waiting while the staffs busy working on the meal. I really love the ambiance of this place. It's not overly crowded, tables are well places with enough walking space, fully air conditioned, clean, comfortable, well decorated, overall a lovely restaurant.

Pay by dropping your money into this huge jar.


One of the food corner

Porridge/Congee, Soup, Asian Dessert, Coffee, Tea.

Porridge is pretty much basic plain porridge. We didn't try their soup and dessert. Basic Coffee and Tea are pretty good (kaw enough), better than some hotel breakfast standard. 

Noodle station with various condiments.

Dex made his own bowl of hearty bee hun noodle soup. Broth base was pretty good, the peppery kind. 

Assortment of steam pau and toast station with peanut butter and margarine.

Of course, I took bread and toast it. It wasn't on at first but I asked and the lady was very friendly to help me with it. They have plain white bread for that day. Steamed pau was pretty good too. 


At the center of the room, they have a long table where they serve a variety of finger food and salad. They serve in small portion of each and then refills them with either the same or different assortments. 

The first batch of food. Nuggets, tofu skewers, tarts, sardin sandwich, few types of nyonya kuih. 

Other food that was served after the first batch was omelette, roti kok/toasted baguette with butter and sugar, sausages, and stuffed tofu. 

The food overall were okay with some being rather tasty. It's nothing fancy but all well presented. One thing I realise is that people tend to rush to the table just as soon as the staff place the new plate of food on the table. Food usually gone within seconds and their turnover is not as fast as their hungry customers although I saw they have quite a number of staffs and everyone is always doing something in a speedy manner. 

I remember clearly when the sausages was served, the staff wanted to refill the bowl of chilli sauce and clearly mentioned "wait r, chilli sauce coming". Clearly, nobody cared and by the time she came out from the kitchen, the plate was empty. Lols, I felt so bad for her as she even took the time to get a new clean bowl for the chilli sauce. 

I believe this little snack corner is also available for consumption.

Self Clearing system

This is also a self clearing place. Once you are done, simply take your plates, bowls, etc and place them here. Someone will then wipe the your table. Unfortunately, I've seen some people left the restaurant without cleaning up after themselves. Please don't be them, clear your own table, it's not that hard. 

For the price, we wouldn't mind coming back again. In fact, we are planning to check out their breakfast and lunch too some day. I believe they change their menus every single day, so what you see today may not be the same as the day you dine in. 

Ample of parking space but is a little pricey, RM3 first hour and RM2.50 for subsequent hours I think. If you are into clothes, check out their second floor. 

Food Bar - Fashion Library (Kota Damansara)
Mon-Sat 8.30am-6pm
A-G-18, Dataran Cascades, 
No 13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, 
Kota Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-76209465
Facebook Page: Food Bar MY 


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