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The Herb Farm New Zealand Skincare Review + Giveaway Worth RM139 Each!

No joke, this is by far the best natural skincare that I've used so far. Of course, there were some products with textures or scents that I'm not the biggest fan of but overall this skincare works and I have pictures to show you at the end of this blog. And oh, plus, I'm giving away two mini skincare kits to two of you. Find out how you can win it at the end too.

Watch my video review first!

The Herb Farm Softening Rose Cream Cleanser (200ml, RM159)
I'm not a fan of cream cleansers, ever. I don't really like the unclean feeling that cream cleansers usually leaves behind and I don't really understand the science behind cream cleansers and how they work. I generally stay away from them but since this was in the set for dry skin, I might as well just try them.

First try, smells awesome but still didn't like it but it does instantly makes my skin feel very soft after patting them dry. I decided to just stick to the routine and use this mostly in the morning or when I don't wear makeup for the day. After a month, I can see the difference. It does help to keep my skin well moisturised in a long run. Also, I've found a better way to use it, mixing with The Herb Farm Smoothing Exfoliating Powder below to achieve soft skin yet feeling clean. 

The Herb Farm Smoothing Exfoliating Powder (50ml, RM109)
On the website, it states that you should mix this powder with your cleanser to use but I personally just mix it with a few drops of water and it works perfectly fine. I really like that this cleanses my skin well yet not completely stripping my skin dry. In fact, I really like using it with The Herb Farm Softening Rose Cream Cleanser as it strikes the best balance of leaving my skin feeling extremely soft yet clean enough to my liking.

However, I don't really like the scent of this powder, smells like those vege powder drinks that you drink for health. It's not expired or anything, it's just how it is with natural products sometimes since they don't add fragrance to boost the scent. Though, when I mix them with the Rose Cream Cleanser, the rose scent covers the scent of this powder.

The Herb Farm Rejuvenating Facial Toning Mist (100ml, RM109) 
I like this mist but it's definitely nothing revolutionary. There are so many other facial mist out there and they all probably smell similar. However, this product is a good mist. It tones and hydrates well, unlike other regular spring water mist, this locks the moisture in the skin after misting them on. So your face won't feel dry and need more misting. A great pick-me-up when anytime, anywhere, especially with the travel size bottle, perfect for handbags.

The Herb Farm Radiance Boost Facial Serum (20ml, RM159)
It has a scent that not everyone will be able to accept, it's either you love it or hate it. I thought it was weird at first and then slowly find the scent extremely soothing and calming to my soul. In fact, I look forward to this very step and lingers at it by giving myself a little facial massage, making the experience it more therapeutic. Just awesome! You really have to smell them yourself, they do give samples of this btw. As for efficacy, I believe this helped overall with my skin radiance and glow along with their other products.

The Herb Farm Nourishing Rose Face Cream (50ml, RM119)
This is one glorious moisturiser! I love this a lot, it's up there with a few of my favourite moisturisers. It's super thick, creamy, and smells amazing. A little goes a long way and it worked wonders for my dry skin. Totally recommend this to anyone who needs a moisturiser that's ultra potent.

This is my skin progress. As you can see, even after a month, my skin is looking much smoother, clearer, and well hydrated. I love it! 

Thank you The Herb Farm for providing me two The Herb Farm Skincare Minis set worth RM139 each, for me to do this giveaway! I'm running this giveaway on my YouTube Channel. Details as below: 

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Giveaway ends, on the 28th April 2018, 11.59pm (Malaysian timing).
*Open to anyone living in Malaysia only. 

For more info on The Herb Farm, visit them here.

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