Friday, April 20, 2018

ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Here's a simple blogpost about a shampoo that I'm almost done using even though it's awfully drying. The thing is, I can't let it go because of how cooling it feels on my scalp. I love using this but I'm not the biggest fan of how it feels after I rinsed it off. Watch my video below for more details.

Sure, this shampoo smells awesomely refreshing and cleans really well. It's just a little too drying that it makes it compulsory for me to use a conditioner after shampooing. I know it's common to condition your hair after shampooing but because sometimes I'm lazy, I tend to skip the second step.

Personally for me, if it wasn't because how amazingly cooling this shampoo is, I'd probably already toss it in the trash by now. So, I made it work by having another regular shampoo for those lazy days and when I feel like I don't need to deep clean my scalp. Oh yeah, this Tea Tree shampoo will make your head feel so clean after one wash, not exactly a bad thing if you feel like you need it on those extra dirty days.

As for the conditioner, it works perfectly fine like a regular conditioner. I have no issues with it.

ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Shampoo - RM56.00
ShiKai Natural Tea Tree Conditioner - RM59.00
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