Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jayeon Dakgalbi Restaurant \\ Where To Eat In Nami Island?

Firstly, this shop is not in Nami Island itself. Jayeon Dakgalbi (자연숯불닭갈비) is located at the jetty when you buy tickets to take the ferry to the famous Nami Island. Apparently, the must eat at this Chuncheon area (since Nami Island is located here) is dakgalbi or spicy stir fried chicken in English. 

There are loads of dakgalbi restaurant nearby the parking lot of the jetty and this is one of them that are pretty tasty with a nice view of the river. 

From the designated parking lot, you can choose to drive up the small hill or walk up as it's located up there. There's a souvenir shop right beside it and that's one way to get to the restaurant, through the souvenir shop. 

Above picture is how the shop looks like inside. They have two types of Dakgalbi here, one is the charcoal-broiled type and another grilled type which is on the regular pan style. Thankfully, we had the charcoal-broiled type as I personally do much prefer the bbq style and omgosh, it tasted so darn good.  Even their kimchi was really nice. Plus, bbq-ing tteok (rice cakes) are pretty unique, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. 

My concern is that I'm not 100% sure if this place is halal. We've asked our guide and she said it is, however, I can't find the logo or even anywhere online in english confirming that it's halal. If you are going there yourself and looking for one that's halal, according to the internet, a quick search states that Kkokko Chuncheon, located right in front of the car park, is serving halal dakgalbi and it seemed pretty good too. 

Jayeon Dakgalbi (자연숯불닭갈비)
Opening hours: 9.30am - 10pm everyday


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