Tuesday, February 6, 2018

4 Things That I Like About The New NYX Store In Malaysia

I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the new NYX store in Sunway Pyramid last week and I was quite impressed with all the products that they have in store. NYX Cosmetics is such a huge brand in the states as most of their products are not only amazing, they are also quite affordable. 

Of course, bringing them down to Malaysia, it's not the cheapest brand but it's definitely reasonable as it falls in between the drugstore price and a high end price, probably a little bit closer to the cheaper price since drug store brands in Malaysia are not entirely dirt cheap these days too. 

Unfortunately, I didn't managed to take a good picture of the entire store cause the launch was filled with people and I didn't enjoy cramping in with everyone (It's just me, I generally try to avoid crowds), so I pretty much just walk one round to see what they have for us and I was not disappointed. Here are the few things that I like about the new NYX store. 

Super pretty Mochi collection with Nikita Dragun, a beauty YouTuber.
Tati (beauty guru) recently reviewed this NYX Powder Puff and she quite like some of the shades.

#1 New Launches In US Are Here Too! 
You know how Malaysia is always so late in getting anything that are newly launched overseas. It's the same with makeup too. A lot of time we have to wait super long before it's available in Malaysia or we'll never see them in Malaysia because they decided to share the fun with us. But REJOICE! because NYX Malaysia seemed to have all the newest products that were recently launched in the States!

I indulge quite heavily on beauty videos on YouTube. Naturally, I follow quite a number of popular Beauty Gurus such as Tati, NikkiTutorial, MannyMUA, and etc, just to see what are the new stuffs that brands come up with. The fact that I saw some of the new products recently reviewed by my favourite beauty gurus are available in the store, hallelujah, praise the Lord because for once, WE ARE NOT MISSED OUT! :D

A-Z Brushes!

#2 All About Brushes Wall
The thing is for people who don't know much about makeup, aside from having trouble understanding what makeup products are for what, brushes are another challenge that they'll have to deal with. Although, there are really no right or wrong with makeup in general but it's always good to be able to lay it all out nicely and kinda help newbies with the basics. This glorious wall definitely makes it easy for us to check each brushes out and at the same time, convenient for available NYX makeup artist to assist in the selection and education process. 

 Lipstick Sets Galore!
Because nobody likes to buy stuff without knowing what's inside!

#3 Mini Lipsticks Sets Are The Best! 
I've mentioned before in a video that I like mini lipstick sets because one, if you like to play with colours, you never really finish using one full size lipstick, so minis are the best. Two, they are amazing stocking stuffer or gifts because you can take them out and split them among your friends. Three, you get to try even the wildest shades without feeling worried if you'll end up don't like it and never using them again. And four, they are amazing travel buddies.

I sometimes get jealous seeing that in the States, they have so many fun sets to choose from and we can't get them here in Malaysia. So I'm glad NYX Malaysia has them. :D

 Just look at that shade range!
 Finally, something lighter than me. Lols
and a concealer that will finally be brightening enough for my under eyes.

#4 Amazing Base Shade Range
I'm not the fairest but I am quite pale for Malaysia's standard. There were numerous times where I had trouble finding the right shade foundation or concealer shade for myself as they were either too yellow, too orange, or not light enough. So when I saw that wonderful stand of foundations and concealers, I screamed inside. Finally, they have something that's lighter than me! Omgosh, just look at that shade range. They are not just pale but also they are pale with different shades of undertones. Seriously, I've never seen such awesome shade range in Malaysia. Yassssss! 

Although, I didn't get to do much shopping and testing, from what I can see is that NYX Malaysia have made it really extensive for us and made sure that we are left out. NYX is a reasonable brand with loads of good quality makeup products. You should totally check them out at Sunway Pyramid.

For more info, visit NYX Professional Makeup Malaysia's Facebook Page.


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