Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Original Beauty Blender vs. Grade A Fake Beauty Blender.

When the Original Beauty Blender was introduced to the world, goodness, it completely revolutionised the way us beauty lovers applies our makeup. Before this, I've never really find beauty sponges to be necessary in my makeup routine but these little teardrop-like babies changed my mind. It makes a whole lot of different when you apply your foundation, concealer, and even cream products as compared to the traditional type of sponges. There's just something about them that's different.

Of course, when something becomes extremely popular and have a high demand, humans will always find ways to replicate it and sell them at a cheaper price. So, it's no surprise that you'll be able to find ton of fake "Original Beauty Blender" on sites such as shopee, carousell, lazada, and etc. These imitation sponges sometimes look exactly alike to the real ones as they copy from A-Z.

I think if you know you are going to get a replica and you don't mind it, that's fine as long as you are aware of it. This is just an awareness to those out there who have never bought an Original Beauty Blender before and would like to try one but wants to buy them from other unauthorised sites because they are cheaper, just keep your eyes open before you buy any of their sponges, especially when they are charging slightly cheaper and claiming that it's original.

From my experience, at times it's so similar that you can't really tell the difference unless you compare them side by side and my Beauty Blender Dupe Test video at the end of this blogpost is a pretty good example. 

What I like is despite all of that, the Original Beauty Blender kept going on and produce more interesting stuff, some in my first-look opinion are better while some are not. I won't name them out since some of them I haven't actually try yet. So, I'll keep my opinions to myself until I had the chance to try them out myself. 

The picture above is a good example of how a regular traditional sponge (left) performed against the Original Beauty Blender (right). There's a real reason why these bubble sponges became a staple and a holy grail in many beauty lovers' makeup routine, it somewhat smokes the foundation out and blends on the skin much better for a more natural look. However, if you compared it to a fake beauty blender, that's a whole different story all together.

Picture above shows two sponges. The one on the left is the Original Beauty Blender while the one on the right is the fake beauty blender. As you can see, they are so similar. If you have gift me the fake one, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Check out my video below to see more on the packaging and how they performed side by side. 

Here, I'll just give you the highlights of what I've found: 

  • The Original Beauty Blender has more pores, which makes them lighter, softer, and more spongy. The fake BB has a smoother surface, which makes it slightly denser and compact. 
  • Because the Original Beauty Blender has more pores, it does soak up a little more foundation but that's how you achieve a natural finish. The fake BB on the other hand leaves a thicker layer/ more coverage because of its denser design. 
  • The Original Beauty Blender is better at precision because it has an elongated shape with a shaper point while the fake BB is rounder. 
In a nutshell, it really depends on preference. The fake BB is not entirely a bad product but it does have a difference when comparing with the Original Beauty Blender. My advice is if you have the money, just splurge on the real one as the quality is assure and consistent.

My opinions here are based on the comparison of the Original Beauty Blender that I was given from PR and the fake BB that I have. There are many different qualities of the fake BB, thus it might be different with other fake BBs available out. I was told mine was Grad A but again, I'll never really know, will I? 


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