Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream Review! (+Video)

This is not a new product from Hada Labo but it has been one moisturising cream that I trust for the past 3-4 months as my skin wasn't really enjoying the Waso moisturiser anymore. It's not a bad moisturiser, in fact it's a really nice one but I think my skin didn't really like the Waso's strong scent in the moisturiser as much as my nose does. So I had to switch it up. 

I've been sent this Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream for quite a while but I didn't really care much for it because in the past I've used some of Hada Labo's moisturiser and it wasn't up to my expectations. However, since I was desperate for a new one, I'll try any cream. 

Check out my video review below for more visuals! 

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It has a gel-cream type of texture that I mostly 50-50 about, this funnily I'm quite okay because it leaves a nice thin layer on my skin that felt like a good barrier from the environment. It's not oily or sticky which is great. 

It claims to have 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to help with inner skin layers of hydration, making skin supple, soft, and smooth. Well, I can't vouch for skin texture but I can say that it does thoroughly moisturise my dry skin even when sleeping in an air conditioned room. 

After using for 3-4 months, I personally do like it. It's only after I recording this video review, I realise that it has alcohol, paraben, and mineral oil in it. Thus, if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients, please do avoid it. 

There was a point in my life where I was trying to avoid alcohol in my skincare routine but knowing that being in this industry, a lot of drugstore skincare so have most of these ingredients and they are considered safe to use in general. 

In this product, it has cetyl alcohol in it which is considered as a good type of alcohol for dry skin where a small amount is fine for any skin type for they provide a pleasing texture and help to keep ingredients stable in products. As for paraben, they are preservatives that help keep bacteria and other microbes out of your favourite products. Some say that they cause breast cancer but the American Cancer Society (ACS) notes that there are no clear health risks from parabens in cosmetics and skincare products because they are in very small amount. 

Mineral oil is a little trickier as some say that it clog pores while some say that it's a myth, thus my conclusion is different people have different skin types, thus some may be sensitive and some may not. Best is to know your own skin so it'll be easier for you to select skincare products for yourself. I personally will recommend this product for anyone who are looking for a drugstore moisturiser for dry skin. 

Hada Labo Premium Hydrating Cream (50g) cost RM78.90 but at the moment, Guardian online is having a 10% sale. I recommend keeping an eye on Guardian as throughout this year, they are running a price knockdown campaign where every weekend they'll have sale on certain items. 


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