Friday, February 2, 2018

11 Items For Less Than RM110?! What I got from TOKUYA?

TOKUYA recently moved to Arcoris Mont Kiara. Now with a bigger place, they not only have more stuff, they also brought it some premium items too! 

If you don't know, TOKUYA is like the 100yen store that we used to know. They provide a wide range of affordable with some pretty high quality Japanese products. Because they are Japanese items, they are mostly simple, minimalistic, at the same time functionally and innovative. Seriously, things/tools that are useful and you never thought you need. 

They brand themselves as Purposeful Unique. I guess it's appropriate now that they have brought in some of the more premium items with unique designs and use. Although they all look great, I didn't buy much of the premium items as there were more to buy from the cheaper range that I find will be useful in my house. 

Check out what I've got from TOKUYA with less than RM110!

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At the moment, from what I know, they only have one store in Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara and that area is a pretty new office/residential building with loads of shops, restaurants, and cafes at the lower floors.

I would recommend this place for those people who are looking for very specific unique items. Those who like these kind of quality Japanese household stuff. As much as I like the cheaper items, I feel that the unique premium items will be the one that will attract people to bring themselves there for a little shopping session. Thus, I've decided to take more picture of the premium items so you can roughly have an idea of what kind of good stuff they have there. Check them out below:

Below are some of the cheaper items that they have. Pretty much almost anything. I didn't take much pictures of it because I think you kind of get the idea. 

If you are interested to know more, do visit TOKUYA Malaysia's Facebook Page.

TOKUYA Malaysia
LG1-06 and 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont Kiara, 
Jalan Kiara, 
50480, KL. 


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