Thursday, January 11, 2018

This Restaurant Lets You Cook Your Food In Hot Spring Water! \\ Onsen Noodle House Review!

While I had a family trip in Ipoh, we've decided to visit Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) since my family have not been there. I'm so grateful that the LWOT team is able to host us during our visit, they have been amazing as always.

Since we were only in Ipoh for one night, we could only spend the evening there. So we reached LWOT just in time for the night entrance at around 5.30/6pm. Unfortunately for us, it started to drizzle. Thus, the kids could only play in the hot springs for a little while before we had to take cover.

We moved to a somewhat hidden restaurant that seemed to have less people. It was the perfect hiding spot, away from the crowd. It's a Japanese inspired restaurant call Onsen Noodle House located behind the hot spring and spa area. Before I give my thoughts on that, check out my video for an overview of what we did at Lost World Of Tambun! 

Apparently this Lost World Onsen Noodle House is a pretty new restaurant in LWOT and it offers a unique way of cooking your own food if you opt for the buffet option. They've prepped a few choices of noodles, vegetables, broths, eggs and etc, for you to place them in a basket, close it with a lid, and cook them the natural way with hot spring water that's rich in minerals. 

Once you placed them into the cooking area, you'll have a timer to tell you when your food is ready. After some experience, for hard boiled egg, I recommend leaving them in a little longer than you think it would need. They do have people there to help you if you are not sure what to do, they also have guide boards that you can refer to before cooking.

Once you are done, transfer your cooked food into a bowl, then add in your choice of broth and condiments. It's ready to eat! I think this is such an interactive and wholesome way to enjoy a meal, especially with your family, it's quite fun. Now bear in mind that this is not a 5-star restaurant, the food taste average, acceptable to fill the stomach especially after a while of running around the themepark.

However, if you want something with a lot more flavour or you are just too lazy to cook your own food, they do have a few ala carte options too. I remembered my family members ordered some udon and other noodles but Dex and I took one that's rice and chicken. Don't remember what it's called, picture as above, but darn, it's pretty good by our standards. They also have some desserts such as waffle and ice cream but depends on availability on that specific day.

Unfortunately, the rain didn't stop but it wasn't as heavy anymore, we decided to bring the kids to check out the Lost World Petting Zoo. It wasn't ideal as it was kind of an outdoor thing but somewhat satisfying after seeing the kids all having fun and be able to see many different types of animals in person. I mean these days city life, how often do we encounter a crocodile or a bearcats in person. Mostly, we learn them from pictures or videos. This is a great way to expand your kids' knowledge and experiences. It's the same as why we adults what to travel to a specific place as it's not quite the same when you are watching it through YouTube than being there yourself. The smell, the feels, it's just different.

Then, it started pouring again, lols, seriously what a crazy night. So we end up taking the train just to see the whole LWOT and to take cover from the rain. By the time we are done, the kids were already rather tired (as well as the adults), thus we decided to skip the Flaming Percussion performance, one of the highlight shows that you should watch if you have the opportunity to stay up till 9pm at LWOT. 

Overall, it wasn't the most ideal night to visit LWOT as the weather was not very kind but I'm glad at the end of it, everyone was happy and tried to make full use of their time there. I would like to give a big shout out to the LWOT team, thank you for your amazing hospitality during our visit! <3 p="">
For more info of LWOT, visit their website


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