Monday, January 15, 2018

Quiet & Peaceful Place To Stay In Seoul \\ Shilla Stay Mapo Hotel Review \\ Where To Stay In Seoul.

If you are anything like Dex and I, you'll probably love this hotel that I'm about to review. It's one of the most classy, modern, quiet, and peaceful hotel that I've ever stayed in. This hotel gives me a strong business hotel vibe, which makes it perfect if you like a place like this where you can chill and relax without worrying too much about noises as this place doesn't seem to have too many noisy kids or noisy tourist around. By the way, picture above is the beautiful lobby. 

I mean, even the outside of the hotel looks very modern. Feel free to check out our Korea vlog below for more visual of this hotel.

I think we got a deluxe room because were on the 20th floor with a nice city view. It has a decent room size for two, a cozy and comfortable bed, and a sexy looking bathroom. Amenities are great, staffs are pretty hospitable, decent amount of channels on TV, wifi is strong and reliable, and even an ironing set if you need to iron your clothes. It's pretty complete I have to say. It would have been nice to have a bathtub but I can live without it.

Location is awesome because it's nearby two subway stations, it has a few convenient shops right outside the lobby, and numerous food shops nearby. All in all a pretty good location for a hotel, it's really convenient for tourist.

We didn't have the breakfast option thus we don't know how's the food like there but I would believe that it's quite decent too. We really love this hotel and extremely glad to be able to stay for two night while in Seoul. 

For more information, visit Shilla Stay Mapo website

Big thanks to Hope Travel Service Co., LTD for hooking us up!


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