Friday, January 5, 2018

Must Try Jjimdak In Korea! \\ What To Eat In Seoul?

We were introduced to Jjimdak by our lovely sister-in-law before we left for Korea. She said this is one dish that we should try while visiting Seoul. We didn't really put much thought of it but somehow ended up stumbling upon this shop when we were pretty much clueless on what to eat for dinner after a long day at Lottle World.

Jjimdak, also known as Korean Braised Chicken, is a pretty popular dish in Korea. The internet states that it's a specialty food of the inner rich village of Andong during the Joseon period, prepared and eaten on special occasions. Thus many would also call this as Andong-Jjimdak.

It's basically chicken marinated in Ganjang (Korean soy sauce) and there are many recipes of this online if you would like to make it but you should really try it for yourself when in Korea.

Watch our Seoul vlog to see more of BongChu Jjimdak!

The place that we ate is call BongChu Jjimdak and apparently BongChu is quite famous as it has many branches in Korea and a few overseas. So even if you are visiting different parts of Seoul, they have 57 other outlets just in this wonderful city.

We ordered signature BongChu Braised Chicken in Small and added cheese on it, which cost us in total of 25000won. To be honest, it was quite a big plate for us, I remembered we can't even finish our food.

We absolutely loved it and would recommend everyone to try it out. It's such an amazing comfort food that's packed with flavour. It's sweet and salty with chicken that's perfectly cooked. It's pretty much a complete meal as it has Korean Glass Noodles at the bottom as well as vegetables in it. I personally don't like cheese on it but Dexter loves it so whether or not to add cheese is up to you. I think it's perfect to have it with a group of 3 or more. Oh, one awesome part is that people there speaks Mandarin, how awesome! 

Somehow I can't find this particular store's address but it's the branch that super near Jonggak Station (as picture shown above). Just exit 4 or 5 and it's about 1 minute walk to the place.

Here's the website, BongChu Jjimdak


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