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Is Lotte World Themepark & Aquarium Worth Your Time In Seoul? // Things To Do In Seoul.

On the second day of our (#TehChamLee) trip in Seoul, we got the opportunity to check out one of the must do recommended by the Korea Travel Guide Book. Dex and I don't mind adrenaline and we thought it would be fun to enjoy some time at the themepark and see how different country does theirs. 

Don't be confused, Lotte World in general is huge. It comprises of the Themepark, Aquarium, Mall, and etc. Thus, I think if you are planning to check this place out, do go early so you can enjoy every facility that Lotte World has to offer. Not everything is a must to visit but some are pretty cool. 

One of the many entrance of Lotte World.

It took us about an hour travelling by train from Jonggak Station to Jamsil Station. Getting to Lotte World in general wasn't tough. The hard part was to figure out which entrance am I suppose to get to. Although they do have signs in English, it can still get a little confusing. 

Taking a picture because Seoul's streets are very nice. 

We had a little adventure of our own in attempt to get our tickets since our tickets have been booked under a travel agency. We've been asked to go back and forth for quite a bit. Besides that, after the stress from trying to get our tickets, while I was entering, I hand over my tickets to the lady in Lotte World uniform, she said something in Korean. Obviously I didn't understand, I asked "Excuse me" in my best polite self. The lady look at me with discontent and sigh and do the Lotte famous wave and letting me in. Lols, Dex from behind said "That was so forced". TBH, felt a little not welcomed but I tried to let it not ruin my day. 

I was quite amazed at how pretty the place looked. Indoor is filled with mostly family-friendly rides, kiddy rides, restaurants, ice-skating rink, and etc. Outdoor has all the fun adult rides. Truly, their rides mostly looks way more intense than the ones available in Malaysia. They all look bigger and more badass. So cool! 

There's a bridge that links indoor to the outdoor themepark, just find for the Magical Island exit. The first thing that you see is the castle centrepiece. Is definitely a place where everyone stops to take one for the gram. You'll probably have to be a little patient to take a good one because there will be loads of photobomb since it's a main walkway connecting the two themeparks. Usually, they will decorate the place according to the season, such as the time we went was October, thus it was Halloween. I believe they have awesome decorations for Christmas and other festive specials too. 

The one and only ride that we managed to try is the Gyro Drop. It's one of those that goes up slowly, and then suddenly it drops you. I love this shit! It was awesome because it goes up much higher as compared to the one I've tried in Genting and the unique part is that this has an option for VR. We tried the one with VR because the idea was so new to us but would actually recommend to go without VR as it felt less thrilling with VR on. We think that to be able to see dropping in real life would be more fun. 

The other game that I thought worth mentioning would be the VR shooting game. I guess we both have heard so much about VR but never really had the chance to try them in Games thus we were all about it. I'm so stoked that this is going to be the future of gaming as I find it really fun to be able to be immersed in the Zombie game and shooting those zombies away like I was in freaking Resident Evil! And... it is also a great way of exercising if you hate the gym. This will definitely get you moving. They had another choice where you'll need to move around in a hall to kill zombies with VR on but we decided to move to the Aquarium instead. 

Pretending to take pictures in Lotte World Aquarium.

Unlike most themeparks, Lotte World Aquarium entrance is not right beside the Lotte World Themepark. It's about 10 minutes walk through the mall following the signages. I find us enjoying the Aquarium a little more, maybe there something about aquatic animals that are rather calming. We took more videos there, thus do watch the video at the end to see more of the place. 

We didn't pay too much attention to the mall because I was leaving all my shopping for Myeongdong and Insadong street. Plus, it's pretty much just like any other mall. Thus, we bought a cold brew and decided to walk outside the mall and found this neat park area that connected to Seokchon Lake. We were lucky to have those fun Line Friends dolls sitting out there. We had loads of fun taking pictures with them. 

We also took some time to walk around the lake and just enjoy the beautiful weather. The place is so well maintained and clean, I'm extremely impressed. 


In my opinion, I probably won't visit Lotte World Themepark if I only have limited time to spend in Seoul because it's only worth your money if you can spend a full day playing in the themepark itself. I could also be a little bias here cause the day that we went was a public holiday in Korea, thus, the themepark was packed and all the queues for adult rides are excruciatingly long. We hate too crowded places and long queues. Thus, it wasn't the best day for us as we couldn't full enjoy the facilities.

If you are visiting with kids, then yes, I would highly recommend it because it would definitely a trip to remember for your kids. For couples, you can do so much more in a day in Seoul other than a themepark.

As for Lotte World Aquarium, I find it rather enjoyable. No doubt, it was also super crowded but at least there wasn't any line to queue just to see fishes. I would only recommend it if you like watching aquatic animals doing their thing cause I know this activity can be a little boring for some people.

If you are a little bit of an old soul like us, you'll probably like walking around the park outside Lotte Mall and strolling by Seokchon Lake in an autumn breeze. It's such a beautiful place and we really loved it.

Check out our video to see more of Lotte World Themepark, Aquarium, and the park!

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