Friday, January 12, 2018

Awesome Place To Stay In Ipoh For Big Families!

My family decided to have a family trip one day and somehow, all of us managed to take time off and join the one night trip to Ipoh. I won't lie, Ipoh is really not my favourite place to visit because it's a little too crowded but I can't deny that some of the food are pretty good here.

A place to stay is not too much of an issue in Ipoh, there are so many choices on airbnb and hotels around town area. For our trip, I would say that with 10 adults, 4 young kids, and a baby, it's quite big of a family. We managed to get a penthouse with 5 rooms that comes with its own bathroom each, thank god! I mean it's always great to have our own bathrooms. This place is call Octagon. It's a fairly new homestay located at the centre of Ipoh town. Pretty awesome cause some of the famous food places are all within walking distance.

A 5-room penthouse was perfect for our family. Each couple/family gets its own room. Of course, we could have each booked our own studio or hotel rooms but there's something about having one common area for everyone to come together. This is especially more significant when you have little ones around, it's nice to see my little nieces and nephews play together in the huge living room without the parents needing to worry too much of their kids while they do other things because there's always another adult (grandparents, uncles, and aunties) there to watch over them.

As mentioned earlier, the living room is huge. It's very spacious for those active kids who likes to run around. We even had a portable crib placed in the living room!

The view at night is quite nice.

There are two rooms upstairs, both pretty spacious. The one nearer to the balcony has a huge bathtub (maybe a jacuzzi, I didn't test it out) as you can see the picture below. The balcony itself is also huge, it's great if you are here with a group of friends, everyone can just chill outside during the night with some drinks and be jiwang together. Lols. It's the perfect place. 

There are three rooms downstairs, two smaller ones, and one that's much more spacious. They have a fridge but no stove, I guess they don't want people to cook there. Cutleries, plates, kettle, and coffee are provided. Unfortunately, no free internet, I'm not sure how it works but I think you'll have to request for a broadband dongle and they'll charge you a minimal fee for it. I think free wifi is quite basic these days in Malaysia, they'll probably should look into it. 

Other than that, the tv don't have channels but they plugged in a pendrive with a few good movies in there. I don't really have an issue with that but I know some people would prefer to have channels to zap when they are bored. 

Bathtub/jacuzzi that connects to the balcony.

Huge balcony.

Swimming pool area. 

Overall, I do think Octagon has a few things to improve on but it was a pretty decent stay for me. The penthouse was quite nice. My apologies for not having any room pictures as I completely forgot to take them but generally they are pretty much the same, queen size bed and two towels. The bigger rooms have extra mattress.

I believe they do have other smaller rooms such as studios and two bedroom apartment and they look quite nice from their Facebook pictures. If you are looking for a place to stay in Ipoh, you could consider Octagon. Plus at the moment, free parking.

For information, visit Homestay Ipoh - Octagon Facebook Page.


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