Monday, January 29, 2018

Aventree Jongno Hotel Review \\ Where to Stay In Seoul?

This was our final hotel that we stayed in when Dex and I were in Seoul. It was a hotel near Insadong with a nice exterior. From the outside, it looked quite grand but the room that we got weren't all that great. It was an alright room but we enjoyed our previous two hotels better, it was probably just the room that we were given. It was average. They probably have better rooms than ours.

Check out our Seoul vlog below for more visual of this hotel.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Clinelle UV SPF50 PA++++ Mist Review + My Current Fav. Sunscreens!

Originally, I wanted to just review the new Clinelle UV Defense Ultra Protection Mist Spray SPF50 PA++++ but somehow I ended up talking about some of my current favourite sunscreens too. Might as well, otherwise the video will be too short if I just talk about that one new sunscreen that was sent to me.

Check out the video below for better visual of the Clinelle UV Mist!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sekeping Kong Heng May Not Be For You \\ Hipster Hotel \\ Places to Stay In Ipoh, Perak

The Sekeping Retreats are pretty popular among the millennials thanks to its hipster looking rooms and design making almost every angle of the place to be extremely Instagram worthy. I, myself, have always wanted to stay in any one of their retreat and when my husband and I decided to have a trip to Ipoh last year, I thought it was the best time to try Sekeping Kong Heng. 

Booking a room wasn't the friendliest process as we'll constantly have to guess how each room will look like since they only have limited pictures in their gallery and each room seem to have a slight difference in design. Though, with that said, somehow they still managed to have most of their rooms sold out for the night we wanted to book. We had to call in to double check if they still have rooms left. Thankfully they do and their customer service were pretty good. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

3 Reasons Why ezbuy Is A Convenient Shopping Platform

Good news! I've heard that ezbuy has recently introduced two new giant e-commerce sites into their long list of e-commerce partners. They are and, both are huge in the Chinese market.

I believe we Malaysians do quite like shopping on platforms originated from China, who can blame you, the things are cheap. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people in the category of knowing about these awesome e-commerce sites but can't fully enjoy it due to language barrier since my Chinese language is quite poor. Though, thanks to ezbuy, it's possible now!

Before I get into why I think ezbuy is a convenient shopping platform, let me talk a little bit about the two new sites mentioned earlier.

Some of the items that I'm interested from is also known as Jing Dong, another leading e-commerce site in China. is famous for their quality of products, fast delivery, authenticity of products, and their great customer service. Having to go through their website, they have quite a lot of items there, from clothings to household, gadgets, and many more. Almost anything you can think off.

Since I've became a wife, I've been keeping a lookout for stuffs for my home. Things that can make my life easier or just things that are useful in general. As mentioned, has great gadget options and kitchen electrical appliances are not excluded. From the the home page itself, they've displayed so many cool looking electrical kitchen appliances. The other two things I've selected are work related. I'm currently doing a lot of vlogging, video recording, and shooting, thus having an extra memory card with a huge gb and a good quality Yeti mic will be extremely helpful.

Items that I like from
You can easily identify this site as one that focuses on female user/customers because on its main page, it promotes mostly fashion items. After doing some research, this e-commerce site is known as the Pinterest of China, where it blends social network with online shopping. On the main website, I'm not sure how the social networking works but it's said that they have an app called Mogu, where you'll be able to get the full social mix e-commerce experience.

Scrolling through the website, of course, I have to find myself a pair of cool oxford looking shoes. The white/beige one is perfect plus it has heels. The skirts I really like too as it is a wrap skirt style where you don't have to worry about not fitting into them ever. Plus, this is skirt design is really trendy these days.

Other than fashion, they do also sell makeup and a couple of house stuff. I'm trying to avoid buying makeup because I already have so much of it. So, I've decided to check out their bedding section. I've been obsessed with super quirky bedding sets such as the two designs shown above. It's pineapples and bananas! So Cute! I love how they are not all from just one piece of cloth, they add more character to them.

Top Sellers from Taobao
To be honest, I really don't have to say much about this site. Everybody knows Taobao, so don't even get me started on what I want from Taobao. We'll move on. 

After the long intro, let's get down to the few reasons why I think ezbuy is a convenient online shopping platform. 

#1 It's in English
The glitch you get from having an entire page google translated

One major point is the language of the site itself.,, and Taobao, although they are awesome shopping platforms, the issue is that they are all in Chinese. For someone like me who knows a little bit of Mandarine can be tough, what more for an individual who is a complete banana. Yes, we do have google translate but they are not 100% accurate especially when you are looking for something with a different technical terms. Plus, as shown in picture above, glitch often happens when you translate the entire page. 

Thankfully, to be able to shop,, and Taobao items on ezbuy is definitely something I'm thankful for. At least I'll know what exactly I'm buying because ezbuy is a Malaysian site accommodates three different languages, English, BM, and Chinese. 

#2 No Hassle Of Currency Exchange Rates

Even if you can browse through a Chinese site like a pro, sometimes the different currency can be a bit of a hassle as you'll have to constantly pull aside to calculate how much are they in Malaysian Ringgit so you won't go over budget. If you buy JD and mogujie items through ezbuy, you'll get the exact price in RM that you'll need to pay. 

*Major Tip:
What if you've stumbled upon something you like on JD or mogujie but not sure if they have it in ezbuy, well, I have a neat trick. Just copy the link JD or mogujie and paste them on ezbuy's search column (picture as shown above), they'll direct you to the exact item that you want from respective sites on ezbuy. I've tried this a few times and pretty much all of them worked, thus, I'll conclude that most of the items from JD and mogujie are available for purchase on ezbuy. So magical! 

 #3 Relevance
mogujie direct site (Left) and mogujie on ezbuy site (Right)

One thing I realise is that when I visited mogujie website directly, a lot of the styles that they heavily promote are very much for the winter season because it's winter in their country now. To me, as much as they looked good, I won't buy them because I won't be able to use it in Malaysia. However, if you check out mogujie on ezbuy site, you'll realise that their recommendations and items on the main page are very much catered to suit our Malaysian needs. It's fantastic! They are selling the same items but the recommendations are well catered to what's relevant to the locals. 

Here's how you can win RM500 ezbuy cash voucher:
  1. By registering for an ezbuy account now, you are entitled to a RM15 cash off voucher along with a 15% shipping fee discount. 
  2. You are also automatically be in the running for the RM500 ezbuy cash voucher, which will be credited into you account. Contest ends on the 19th February 2018.  
So what are you waiting for? 
P/s: To be entitled for the contest, you MUST register through the link above.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

HOLO & Matte Lip Glow?! New Shades Of Dior Lip Glow!

Holo Everybody! Dior came up with more new shades for their Lip Glow Collection and I'm so excited! Two highlights for this blogpost review will be about their new Matte finish and Holo finish Lip Glow.

Lip Glow have been around for quite a while now and it is a cult favourite as these tinted lipbalms are pretty awesome. I've been carrying their older versions in my handbag almost every where I go because they are super easy to apply, super moisturising, and beautiful on the lips.

Check out my video unboxing and first impressions below!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Should I Buy A House & When To Buy? \\ The Broke Millennial \\ #TehChamLee

Are you looking into investing on properties? Should you buy a house or rent? The new TBM episode is here to help! :D

Hope you learned something today!


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Monday, January 15, 2018

Quiet & Peaceful Place To Stay In Seoul \\ Shilla Stay Mapo Hotel Review \\ Where To Stay In Seoul.

If you are anything like Dex and I, you'll probably love this hotel that I'm about to review. It's one of the most classy, modern, quiet, and peaceful hotel that I've ever stayed in. This hotel gives me a strong business hotel vibe, which makes it perfect if you like a place like this where you can chill and relax without worrying too much about noises as this place doesn't seem to have too many noisy kids or noisy tourist around. By the way, picture above is the beautiful lobby. 

I mean, even the outside of the hotel looks very modern. Feel free to check out our Korea vlog below for more visual of this hotel.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Awesome Place To Stay In Ipoh For Big Families!

My family decided to have a family trip one day and somehow, all of us managed to take time off and join the one night trip to Ipoh. I won't lie, Ipoh is really not my favourite place to visit because it's a little too crowded but I can't deny that some of the food are pretty good here.

A place to stay is not too much of an issue in Ipoh, there are so many choices on airbnb and hotels around town area. For our trip, I would say that with 10 adults, 4 young kids, and a baby, it's quite big of a family. We managed to get a penthouse with 5 rooms that comes with its own bathroom each, thank god! I mean it's always great to have our own bathrooms. This place is call Octagon. It's a fairly new homestay located at the centre of Ipoh town. Pretty awesome cause some of the famous food places are all within walking distance.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

This Restaurant Lets You Cook Your Food In Hot Spring Water! \\ Onsen Noodle House Review!

While I had a family trip in Ipoh, we've decided to visit Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) since my family have not been there. I'm so grateful that the LWOT team is able to host us during our visit, they have been amazing as always.

Since we were only in Ipoh for one night, we could only spend the evening there. So we reached LWOT just in time for the night entrance at around 5.30/6pm. Unfortunately for us, it started to drizzle. Thus, the kids could only play in the hot springs for a little while before we had to take cover.

We moved to a somewhat hidden restaurant that seemed to have less people. It was the perfect hiding spot, away from the crowd. It's a Japanese inspired restaurant call Onsen Noodle House located behind the hot spring and spa area. Before I give my thoughts on that, check out my video for an overview of what we did at Lost World Of Tambun! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This Rose Clay Mask Actually Bubbles Up! \\ Mamonde's New Flower Facial Mask Review

I don't know if you noticed but bubble mask was one of the weird beauty item that took the YouTube beauty community by the storm and everyone was trying it, there was one particular brand that sold it and people tried it because it made your face look super funny while it bubbles up on your face.

Mamonde, I guess tried to ride along with this trend but added their own, pretty awesome twist might I say, in the their bubble mask. Staying true to their branding, they added rose petals and scent to their clay based bubble mask! Let me tell you straight up, it's quite nice.

Before you judge it as a gimmick-y product, bubble mask actually do have benefits of its own. Similarly to why you should foam up your cleanser before massaging it on your face, having bubbles give a deeper cleansing effect as the molecules are smaller and able to penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

Along with the rose bubble mask, under the Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Line, they've also launched three other mask - one clay mask and two sleeping masks. They are all inspired by the distinctive properties of selected flowers - Rose (bubble mask), Heartleaf Houttuynia/Eoseong Cho (clay mask), Calendula (sleeping mask), and Evening Primrose (nourishing sleeping mask). 

We'll review the highlight, ROSE BUBBLE MASK first. Check out my video below to have a better look at some of the products. I also used one of the sleeping mask in the video. 

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Monday, January 8, 2018

What Is Bitcoin? Is It Safe? \\ The Broke Millennial \\ #TehChamLee

The 3rd episode of The Broke Millennial is finally out! And we talked about Bitcoin and whether should you invest in it now.

Took me a while to sit down to edit this as I was having quite a few other videos lining up and had a little issue with my macbook air. I was editing so much that my laptop started crashing and almost died on me. Enjoy Korea for a little bit, then Christmas came, and then the New Year. Geezzz, how time flies.

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Must Try Jjimdak In Korea! \\ What To Eat In Seoul?

We were introduced to Jjimdak by our lovely sister-in-law before we left for Korea. She said this is one dish that we should try while visiting Seoul. We didn't really put much thought of it but somehow ended up stumbling upon this shop when we were pretty much clueless on what to eat for dinner after a long day at Lottle World.

Jjimdak, also known as Korean Braised Chicken, is a pretty popular dish in Korea. The internet states that it's a specialty food of the inner rich village of Andong during the Joseon period, prepared and eaten on special occasions. Thus many would also call this as Andong-Jjimdak.

It's basically chicken marinated in Ganjang (Korean soy sauce) and there are many recipes of this online if you would like to make it but you should really try it for yourself when in Korea.

Watch our Seoul vlog to see more of BongChu Jjimdak!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Is Lotte World Themepark & Aquarium Worth Your Time In Seoul? // Things To Do In Seoul.

On the second day of our (#TehChamLee) trip in Seoul, we got the opportunity to check out one of the must do recommended by the Korea Travel Guide Book. Dex and I don't mind adrenaline and we thought it would be fun to enjoy some time at the themepark and see how different country does theirs. 

Don't be confused, Lotte World in general is huge. It comprises of the Themepark, Aquarium, Mall, and etc. Thus, I think if you are planning to check this place out, do go early so you can enjoy every facility that Lotte World has to offer. Not everything is a must to visit but some are pretty cool. 

One of the many entrance of Lotte World.

It took us about an hour travelling by train from Jonggak Station to Jamsil Station. Getting to Lotte World in general wasn't tough. The hard part was to figure out which entrance am I suppose to get to. Although they do have signs in English, it can still get a little confusing. 

Taking a picture because Seoul's streets are very nice. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Center Mark Hotel, Insadong Review \\ Where to Stay in Seoul?

I had the opportunity to stay in this hotel for 2 nights in their standard double room. Overall, I'm very pleased with my stay in this hotel. I had a really good experience with their service, friendly staff, and comfortable room. 

Let's start from the beginning shall we. Watch our vlog for more visuals of this hotel!

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