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New Year's Eve Makeup With Dior's 2017 Limited Edition Holiday Collection! \\ Video Tutorial + Review!

Hello everybody! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Since I've been creating contents for YouTube for a while, I thought why not join the fun with other beauty youtubers and create my own New Year's Eve look. 

Dior was kind enough to send me a few products from their Limited Edition 2017 Festive Collection and I thought it was the best time to try them out. Thus, this video tutorial features a lot of Dior items. 

The Dior Limited Edition 2017 Festive makeup is called the Precious Rocks collection. The design of each of the products are absolutely gorgeous. Just like last year, it didn't fail to wow me with their gorgeous packaging. The inspiration came from precious gems and jewel tones, mixed with a cool attitude of the modern Dior woman. 

Personally, this is way more makeup that I usually wear but if you need more glam, feel free to add more glitter, wing liner, or even contour your face if you wish. Check out the tutorial below and see how some of these new products performed. 

Dior 5 Couleurs Precious Rocks Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette
Comes in two colours, Emerald and Ruby, the one I used in my video is the Ruby shade that has vibrant reds and brown tones. All shades are shimmery, darker colours a little more pigmented than the lighter shades. They are all very smooth and fine eyeshadows and definitely very easy to blend. Not patchy nor had too much of fall outs. Very pretty, I actually really like both shades. However, so far, I've only tried the Ruby palette. 

DiorShow Bold Brow Limited Edition Brow Mascara in Gold
I know the whole glitter and colourful brows were once in trend but this is my very first time tapping into applying shimmers to my brows. I was truly afraid that it was going to look weird because I had to wear this makeup out for a movie that day. Thankfully, it's nothing crazy. They are subtle on the brows and the gel kept my brow hairs in place neatly. I think it's a fun and fantastic way to add joy to your brows! I personally won't use this everyday but I will most definitely use this during special occasions and events.

DiorBlush Precious Rocks in Precious Rocks
As mentioned in the video, it's not the most pigmented blush I've used but buildable. This colour is awesome because it's suitable for everyday wear. It's not a matte finish, it has a slight highlighting characteristic to it that somehow makes the skin glows in a pretty natural way. It's a pretty peach that I believe many will like. 

Diorific Precious Rocks Limited Edition Golden Glow Loose Powder in Precious Rocks
Somehow, a lot of these items are named precious rocks. Lols. Oh well. This loose powder looks stunning and the powder is quite fine in texture. However, if you want to use this as highlighter on your face, you'll probably have to use a super precise brush to apply them on the high points of your face. For me, I don't really like it on my face because somehow, it just a little messy for my liking. Glitter just lands everywhere on my face and I don't like that. Though, I would highly recommend this for the body. If you are showing of your decollete, shoulders and legs, highlighting the high points of those areas will make you glow like goddess. 

Diorific Matte Fluid Limited Edition Lip and Cheek Velvet Colour in Charm and Intensity
They have 4 new shades for the holiday collection, I have two of them. Charm is a beautiful, easy to wear nude-ish colour. I love it, it's pigmented and glides on effortlessly. Intensity is a deep purple shade that's on the other hand feels a little patchy to me. I feel like I have to layer it at least 4 times to get an opaque dark colour, which I totally did not do in the video or the swatch above. Weirdly, this doesn't dries down into a creamy looking lippie like Charm do, it looks glossy. Doesn't seem to dry down to matte well. Maybe I layer on wrongly, I don't know.

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Limited Edition in Gold Essence
Bring on the bling-bling yo! This gold essence is gorgeous over top of a dark matte lippie. It's so pretty and I wished I could wear this on it's own but I can't due to my skin and lip colour. This is super moisturising topper that not only plumps your lips but also dazzle your way through the crowd. 

Diorific Vernis Limited Edition in Ruby and Amethyst 
Ruby is the one in pink-ish tone while Amethyst is the one in dark purple. I love these polishes, they are easy to apply thanks to their thicker type of brush and pretty long lasting if you take care of them. Definitely need two coats to make it completely opaque and it dries pretty quick too. 

Diorific Vernis Liner Limited Edition in Precious Rocks
A gold glitter, YAS! I actually didn't like the liner brush because I was wondering how in the world to use them plus its thin brush doesn't really pick up glitters well. However, after a while of playing around with it, I found a way to dig out the glitter by rolling them in my palms and quickly take the brush out before the glitter settles to the bottom. I like using them bling just the tip of my nails, I think it makes my nails look a little for fancy and festive. Not a bad product, just takes effort to learn how to use them properly. 

Dior J'adore L'Or
The latest fragrance from Dior. It's suppose to be floral base, combining Jasmine and May Rose (that grows at Dior's exclusive estates in Grasse) with the charm of Tuberose. I've yet to open this but I've went to the counter to have a whiff of it. I wasn't sure if I smelled the right one but I'm not quite sure if this is a scent that I'll like. Bottle looks sexy no doubt but I'll have to back to the store to check it out again before I decide to keep it or give it away.  

Thanks Dior for this wonderful goodies!
I hope you all are enjoying the last week of 2017 <3 i="">


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