Thursday, December 7, 2017

Achieving Natural Beauty With This New Japanese Makeup? \\ Sugao Review & Demo!

Mentholatum Malaysia (the awesome brand that also sells hada labo and lip ice) recently launched a new Japanese makeup brand in Malaysia. It's call Sugao and at the moment, it has a series that draws on naturality, sheer, lightness, and softness in makeup. 

Sugao is apparently a Japanese word that means bare, natural face. It's a brand that offers light makeup that gives a natural "transparent feeling" on the skin. In layman's term, makeup to enhance your natural beauty. 

They 4 products so far but I only received 3, thus, I'll only review the 3 that I've got. Do check out my video review and demo below first!

Sugao Air Fit CC Cream Moist, shade 02 (RM69.90)

This is suppose to be their hero product but it's not my personal favourite because of the mousse-y, soufflé-like texture of the CC cream. For me, this kind of texture just takes a little to much of my effort to completely blend into my skin. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad product, it works as a CC cream but this is just not my preference in texture. I've got the moist version, they also have it in smooth and bright pink. I'll just assume that the smooth version is for oily skin type and bright pink is for slight brightening and to produce a soft focus effect.

Sugao Cheek and Lip, shade Natural Red (RM59.90) 

Similarly to the CC cream, it has a mousse texture but interestingly, I love it for my cheeks. It does takes a while to blend them in but once properly blended, it just leaves a beautiful flush to my skin. Plus, this red shade was exactly what I wanted at this point of my life since I've already had too many pinks and corals in my blush collection. I've never tried them on my lips, don't think I'll ever will but I absolutely love them as a blusher. It feels like a huge tub and a little goes a long way.

Sugao Lip Tint, shade Juicy Red (RM45.90) 

It's a watery lip tint that lightly tint your lips and gives it a very light, soft petal, matte-ish looking shade on my lips. However, a after a while of wearing them, it does get a little drying and it doesn't last long despite what the packaging says. It's unfortunate because I absolutely love the finish and the colour of it but it's not the type tint that will leave a stain on your lips. It's a little disappointing, especially when at this price, I could just buy a Peripera Ink Velvet or Tint that gives the same effect, stays on much longer, and is slightly cheaper too if you buy them from trusted online websites.

Overall, there are some hits and misses. I think it suits mostly beginners in makeup because with these less pigmented products, you can't really go wrong.

The Sugao makeup series is only available at selected Watsons outlet.


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