Saturday, November 18, 2017

THROWING MY MAKEUP :( When It's Spring Cleaning Time... Makeup Junkyard

Being the hoarder I am, I always dread the time to clear all my things. I've been delaying shooting this particular video because I know it's going to be a super long one and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to some of my favourite old stuffs.

Of course, I did get some joy out of this. Walking into a cleaner and neater room feels pretty good. Only keeping stuffs that I use often, need, and really, really want is quite a satisfying feeling, like a sense of achievement.

Plus, this is my first time editing such a long video. I believed I've spent more than 5 hours to shoot this video and a long time to edit this 36-minute video. I was so exhausted after everything yet relief that this is finally done.

Hope you enjoy this video!


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