Sunday, October 29, 2017

What I Love About My New Autumn/Winter 2017 Triumph Triaction Sportswear!

Triumph's Triaction was launched earlier this year and I have to admit, that collection itself was pretty awesome. The sports bras are supportive in their own ways and known for being Bounce-Control Certified, while the pants is something that I never thought I would like but ended up wearing them pretty often for gym sessions. It's a bottom that I feel I can wear any kind of panties inside that won't show my pantylines and at the same time, the short tights inside is protects me from being exposed, which I had to keep watch when I wear a regular running shorts.

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Because I know how good the Triaction sports pieces are after hitting the gym with their previous design for some time now, when they mention that they would like me to have one set of their new Triaction Autumn/Winter 2017 design, I couldn't say no. 

Triaction Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, they came out with two new design, one being part of the Cardio collection and the other being part of the Studio collection, which is the one that I picked. 

It wasn't a tough decision for me. I tried on both sports bra and this looks the best on me. This new Triaction sports bra is call the Magic Motion under the Studio collection. It features the award-winning Magic Wire Air innovation and provides the best mix of comfort and superior support. The smart fabric provides antibacterial and moisture management and enhances airflow and breathability.

It's padded with soft touch wire that contours my curves beautifully. I'll have to admit that the pretty cross back design with adjustable straps makes this sports bra to be a little touch to get into (most sports bra is the same) but it makes it super flattering on me. I just thank God that they come with a hook like a bra for easier removal unlike the ones without, which you'll have to force yourself out from it like a tight shirt.

For the bottom however, I decided to not take the matching pants as the colour lilac colour didn't really look good on me. This red Fit-Ster Short looks better. It's pretty much the same as my previous one, just in a different colour and pattern. As I mentioned, I really like these performance pants as they have fabrics that are super lightweight yet doesn't make me feel exposed.

This is the other sports bra and pants design. If you want something with even more control, this Control Lite sports bra will do the trick. It's listed under the Cardio collection and it's perfect for high performance activities. The 3D Powertech innovation and three layers of anti-bounce control ensure stability and support. The smart fabric is light with stay dry properties to maximise wearing comfort. It has a versatile straps that can be switched to a cross back if you'd like.

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