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5 New Things About Guardian Malaysia That You'll Love!

Guardian in Malaysia used to be a place that I visit when I'm looking for a pharmacist or medicines. They were never my choice of visit when I'm looking for beauty products. Until now.

A few of the Guardian outlets in Malaysia had gone through a revamp and boy oh boy, the new Guardian concept store is magnificient! I had the opportunity to visit the fourth revamped outlet in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall last month, truly, they did an amazing job. It has a really fresh and clean look to it which ultimately enhances customers' shopping experience overall.

Here are few things that I like (and I believe you will too) about the new Guardian's Concept Store.

#1 Bright Fluorescent Lights

The first thing that you'll notice is how wonderful bright the store is lit. I love that they've chose to use white lights because especially when choosing makeup shades, it'll make things so much simpler and accurate rather than having dimmed lightings or even yellow lights. Plus, a well lit store makes shopping experience so much more at ease.

#2 Spacious
I don't hate people but I generally avoid crowds as much as possible. Whenever I see a store is filled with too many people to the point that I can't comfortable walk my way through it, I'll pass and get what I want from another place even if it's a little pricier. Thus, I'm so glad that the new Guardian store in Sunway Pyramid is huge and also they made each aisle to be spacious enough for comfortable shopping even if there's a crowd.

#3 A Whole New World Of Beauty 
One of the highlights of the new Guardian is the new Beauty Section that they are extremely proud to share with us. The beauty corner is expanded into something that reminds me of Sephora's concept, where they have a beauty consultant to help you if you need some advice or even a makeup demo on your face. This not only allows you to try the products but also to pick the right shades for your face instead of going home regretting your purchase.
With the expansion of the beauty section, Guardian Malaysia also managed to stock the counters with loads of new and exclusive brands. They are a mix of top Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, and local brands, because they are much more suited for the Asian skin type. The 10 new brands includes:
  1. Beauty People (Korea)
  2. Elle18 (India)
  3. Feeblin (Korea)
  4. LB Cosmetics (Japan)
  5. Kiss Me Ferme (Japan)
  6. Pixy Cosmetics  
  7. Sea N Tree (Korea)
  8. Sugarbelle (Founded by Malaysia's Belle Yahya) 
  9. TOV (Korea)
  10. VT Cosmetics (Korea) 
Most of these products have a good reputation in their respective country. I personally am super excited to see the brands Sea N Tree, berrisom, Beauty People, and 16brand, because they do not have a store yet in Malaysia, thus, now I have a place that I can actually test, touch, and see, some of their products in person before purchasing them. Plus, with their new brightly lit store, makes colour selection so much easier and precise!

#4 New Skincare Extension For Sensitive Skin Peeps
They claim to be the first to do this but I can't really vouch for that statement but I do have to applaud them for their initiative on taking a step further and thinking about consumers with sensitive skin. Not everyone is blessed with good skin. Eczema is very real. Itching, peeling, redness, allergies, they are all very real.

Focusing on pretty much the entire body, head to toe, Guardian took the effort to divide it into three segments. One wall filled with Derma Skincare brands such as Avene, Eucerin, Uriage, and Bioderma. Another wall filled popular brands with products made specifically for Sensitive Skin (face and body) such as Cetaphil, sebamed, and QV. The final wall filled with Natural and Organic products featuring brands like Sukin and Skinfood.

#5 Crazy Vitamin Section
I know Guardian has always been known to be the supplement go-to place but they really stepped it up with their displays. I was walking through the wall of vitamins glory, I was quite overwhelmed by the choices and selections that they have. I realised that most of them are from pretty notable brands and price range of most of their products are pretty competitive. Plus, many times, Guardian do have in-house special/exclusive discounts, thus making them even more affordable.

I personally love browsing to see what kind of supplements they have but if you are not that kind, feel free to walk over to the pharmacist counter to enquire on what supplement/medication works best for you or your condition.

#6 Amazing Deals Online
As a bonus, I'll throw in another fact about Guardian that I recently notice. Their online platform is truly cool. It's easy to navigate and filled with loads of pretty amazing deals that are online exclusive. Thus, I highly recommend checking Guardian Malaysia's online store too.

I believe that if you visit the new concept store yourself, you'll probably find it very satisfying to shop there too. Guardian Malaysia did mention that there might be few more outlets that are under revamp too, we'll just have to be patient for the announcements on their corporate website and Facebook page.

Okay, okay... I'll add in one more info about Guardian Malaysia.

#7 Anna Sui Luggage Collection!

Anna Sui designed a couple of travel bags that's exclusively sold in Guardian Malaysia. The luggage collection comes with two trolley bags, one tote bag and one designer case. They can be redeemed at attractive, discounted prices under its latest loyalty programme which started on 28th September 2017 and will end on 31st December 2017, or while stocks last.

How to redeem? 
1. Purchase RM20, you'll get one stamp. Tip: You'll get one extra stamp if you purchase something that includes one of the 33 participating brands such as Bio-essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea, Pantene, and more. 
2. Collect 10 stamps and you'll get to redeem any one of the item at a discounted price.
  • 24-inch trolley bag at RM159.90 (Ori price: RM399)
  • 20-inch trolley bag at RM129.90 (Ori price: RM199) 
  • Tote bag at RM69.90 (Ori price: RM129)
  • Designer case at RM59.90 (Ori price: RM99) 
Guardian is also offering two limited edition Anna Sui EDT (Dreams Yellow and La Vie De Boheme) starting in November. It's in the handy size of 30ml and priced at RM99.00, inclusive GST. Available only at 150 selected stores nationwide. For more information, visit

I was at the Guardian x Anna Sui event. Check out #TehChamLee's new vlog here!


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