Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Day I Gave Up On Instagram, It Changed My Life.

I was toying with this topic for a while now and finally decided to pen it down. As stated on my title, I have given up on Instagram and to be completely honest, it's one of the best decision I've ever made in my life. 

If you are wondering "BS, your IG account is still up and you are still posting pictures and stories...

Yes, I am. Let me clarify that when I say I have given up on Instagram doesn't mean that I'm going to the extreme of shutting my account. I still enjoy using it to keep up with my friends' life and to see what's new happening in some of my favourite YouTubers' life. Of course, on and off, I like using it to join contest to win something that I want. I still do enjoy using the platform. 

However, what I've given up is my obsession with it. I stopped being overly concerned about the number of followers I have. I stopped worrying why the pictures that I recently posted is not getting as much likes. I stopped caring too much about being inconsistent on my postings. I stopped being too invested in my Instagram account. 
As a blogger, at one point of time, I felt like I needed to step up my IG game. I needed to follow a certain theme. I needed to only post pretty pictures. I needed to put more hashtags. All this in hoping to be able to increase my number of followers. Well, I guess I tried and personally, I think I failed and it made me miserable for a period of time. It affected me emotionally and mentally. 

I can't stop thinking why others can easily reach 10k followers within a few months but I'm barely touching 3k after so many years. Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I don't show my boobs? Am I not putting enough effort? Maybe. 

I was so desperate to the point of even thinking about buying likes/followers and joining the group of "Likes For Likes" kind of community. Thankfully, I didn't or more accurately, I couldn't do it because one, I'm stingy with my money, and two, I'm too lazy to go follow people that I don't really know or care about. 

I believe in the "Try Harder" and "Don't Quit" motto but I also know that I was at my point of being unhealthy obsessing over something that I'm not even passionate about. I don't like to not being able to post up certain pictures just because it's not perfect enough for IG. I don't like not being able to post up certain pictures just because it doesn't jive with my theme colour. I don't like going to multiple apps to edit one freaking picture that I've finally chosen among the many. 

So one fine day, a couple months back, I've decided to let go. I stopped trying so hard on my IG just so that I can earn some side income. If clients don't want to work with me because I have a low number of IG followers, so be it. I just can't keep up anymore.

After letting go of my obsession, I'm so much at ease. I'm living a happier life. I post whatever I want and whenever I want. I care less about my number of followers. I care less about the changes that Instagram keeps changing. I'm able to pay more attention on other things that matter more to me and things that I'm more passionate about such as my videos for my YouTube Channel and TehChamLee's Facebook Page. 

I can safely say that giving up on keeping up with the Instagram game changed my life. 

What about you? 


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Absolute Yana said...

Kudos on you for that babe... I actually just post whatever and main point if I remember to post it on IG... Hahaha I think it's safe to say that my only obsession is to create content for my blog regardless whether it's bringing in money or not... Hahaha

Sizzling Suzai said...

Omg i really cn relate to this topic tho!! Gosh its still hard to not concern bout my num of followers n d amount of likes which i feel sooooo stupid! As u said some clients just blindly look at the num instead of the quality which made me feel even more HAHAHAHA setereeeesssssss! Hopefully one day i could b as free as u babe #PrayForSuzai lol oh congratulation for stepping out frm this world 1st problem! 😑

Arisa Chow said...

ever since they changed their algorithms it's been difficult for our post to reach even our existing followers let alone new ones. It's frustrating indeed and i've been contemplating myself too, but i only post pictures that is used in my blogpost so it's kinda recycled lol

Deelicious said...

i like what you said! same here!

The Artsy Craftsy said...

I love this post! Thank you for writing this. I have heard that some people buy likes/followers on Instagram or Facebook, and at one point I too felt how come I cant seem to reach higher numbers like everyone else. I too asked myself, is it cos I am not showing my face, my this or that...then after awhile I realized that I happy with the way things are. I no longer feel the need to try so hard anymore. I post up my artworks like usual, and am glad that I have my own little community already to support me. Even though I dont have 10k followers, and even though it is taking super extremely long for it to reach higher (not forgetting some influencer agency companies even made me feel bad for not having more than 10k followers), I am just happy and contented that my number of followers are growing naturally and organically. Let it flow naturally. =)