Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Moving Into Some Millennial Shit... Are Millennials Really Entitled, Easily Offended & Unreliable?

If you have not seen this video floating around Facebook last week, that's because you have not followed #TehChamLee on Facebook and YouTube yet. If you like topics about millennials, do subscribe and follow us on any platforms as #TehChamLee is expanding!

We are starting a series called The Broke Millennial where we discuss about current topics that relates to us millennials. Of course, it can be produced by two millennials but we can't be the only one giving certain advice here. It's always good to listen from a non-millennial's point of view too to make this as neutral as possible.

Of course, we will still do our regular videos because, well, it's us. Lols. We like doing funny stuff. But at the same time, producing The Broke Millennial is something that we are extremely excited about as it's a content that we feel can benefit a lot of us, our peers and the other generations out there.

Hope you enjoy!


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