Sunday, August 6, 2017

Neubodi's Smooth Express II Wonda SexyUp Half Cup Bra Review!

I've previously spoke about the amazing Shanice U-Boost bra that has somewhat like a hammock within the bra cup to support the breast. This post, I'll be reviewing the other bra that's also within the same Smooth Express II Collection. It's the Wonda SexyUp Half Cup Bra. It's a good bra overall but not the most comfortable half cup I've worn. 

The Wondo SexyUp Collection is made with exclusive SexyUp inner cushion lining where it'll ensure a supportive hold and superior uplift for all-day wear. Additionally, the bra design is made to effective push breast up and towards the center for a dramatic lift and sexy cleavage.

I love the smooth and silky T-shirt bra fabric, makes it so easy to wear with any clothing. I love the low-cut style as it hides perfectly under my Spaghetti Straps, I can wear them with or without the straps since it's removable. I love that it has a wider side support panels, it makes pulling all the fats from the back to the front so much more secure. And as always, I love that they come with 3 hooks fastening.

Of course, this is SEXY UP. I'd probably should have known better. I love half cup bras and if I can, I would like to wear them only but obviously, we know that half cups are not ideal everyday bras. They are not really good for your boobs because of the "lack of long term support" I guess. I mean, after being introduced to Neubodi, I've expanded my knowledge on boobs and bras. I've had the luxury to wear some of the most supportive and comfortable bras ever in my life (eg: the hammock bra).

I really like half cup bras because they are easy to wear underneath almost anything, quick, no hassle, and just comfy because they usually just sits and hold my boobs in place rather than doing too much of good support.

This Neubodi half cup is overall a good half cup bra but in my opinion, not the most comfortable. I think it could have something to do with the padding that gives my boobs the sexy lift. No doubt, it made my boobs look amazing but I realise after a while of walking around in them, my boobs don't feel like it filled in the bra cup properly as compared to the first time it put it on with adjustments. It didn't stay in place. It's either my boobs were moving or the bra was moving. A lot of times, I do find myself adjusting (being as discreet as possible) when I'm in public because it was feeling a little out of place.

I believe the sizing is accurate because I've been fitted by the best at Neubodi. It's highly possible that I'm not used to having too much padding and so far I've never tried taking them out because somehow, I kinda like the boost and I'm also partially lazy to take them out, I'm afraid that I might lose them if I take them out.

Neubodi's Smooth Express II Wonda SexyUp Half Cup Bra comes in two colours. They are great basics and they are RM189 each. Size ranges from 32-40, B-D Cup. 

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