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Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel [Food Review]

Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel

Dex and I were invited for a media trip to a new hotel in Genting Highlands last week and we were thrilled because we were glad that the group of media were with people that we know. We stayed at the Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel for 3 days 2 nights and it was quite a fun yet peaceful trip because the hotel was very much less crowded and rowdy as compared to staying in the resorts at the peak. The best part is that it's only 10 minutes drive from the peak, thus, even if we really do want to enjoy the new SkyAvenue mall or the casino, it's still very convenient. Overall, I'm pretty happy with my stay at the Best Western Premier Hotel but I'll leave my hotel review for another blogpost.

I specifically want to highlight Hugo's In The Sky, a bar and restaurant within the hotel. We had a our final night dinner at this restaurant and chilled at the bar area after our meal. Personally, I absolutely love this bar and restaurant as it has such a beautiful view of the mountains. Plus, the food was really good and worth the price should you like to enjoy a little fine dining.

Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel

The bar and restaurant each have their own section, both with equally wonderful view thanks to the glass windows surrounding the place. The bar however, has an outdoor seating place, I believe if you'd like to have your meal outdoor (why not, since the weather is fantastic outside), you could place a request. 

I would recommend starting your dinner latest by 6pm as by 7.30pm or 8pm, it gets really dark outside, which means you won't be able to see anything. The only you could enjoy, is the cold breeze outside. 

Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel

Looking through the menu, I will say that they have an average number of food choices and the permanent dishes range between RM20 to RM100, except meats from the grill. Occasionally, they do have seasonal dishes, such as lobsters and burgers that are only for a certain time period. Feel free to check out their Facebook page to enquire or keep updated with their latest menu. 

We were served a number of dishes from the menu, I will name most of them (the ones that I can remember) but I will specifically highlight a few that Dex and I would recommend to order. 

Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel Genting
  1. Top left - Not in the menu yet.
  2. Top right - [Tapas] Albondigas - Succulent Lamb Meatball Baked in Chili Tomato Sauce - RM20
  3. Center left - Lamb Kofta - Not in the menu yet.
  4. Center right - [Pizza] Quattro Formaggio - Combination of Four Cheese, Gorgonzola Picante, Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Parmigiano Reggiano - RM45 (It's pretty good) 
  5. Bottom left - Chicken Shish Kebab - Not in Menu yet.
  6. Bottom right - [Pizza] Calzone - Half-Moon Shape Pizza Stuffed with Grilled Vegetables, Chicken Strips, Basil Leaves and Italian Cheese, served with Tomato Dip - RM40
Highly recommended dishes:
 Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel Genting Highlands
[Tapas] Gambas Al Pil Pil - Sauté Prawn with Pepper and Parsley - RM20

Definitely a must to start with this. Dex and I, and all our friends absolutely love this particular tapas. The prawns are fresh and the oil is extremely fragrant that we all dipped our crispy flat bread (served together) into the bowl till it's spotless. Worth every penny! 

 [The Oven Baked] Australian Beef Short Rib - Melting Tender Smoked BBQ Sauce Glazed Beef Short Rib served with Moroccan Couscous and Roasted Root Vegetables - RM80

This is my favourite from the main course selection. Yes, I can tell, it's a super small piece of meat but it's so tender and soft and just melts in your mouth. And the sauce, THAT SAUCE, is truly amazing. Yums!

[From The Grill] Grass-Fed Black Angus Fillet - Australian Prime Cute Meat served with Fluffy Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables - RM130

The most expensive dish on the menu. Of course, we want to know if it's any good. Turns out, not bad. The meat was well cooked, I believe it was medium to medium well. I had mostly the outer portion of the meat because I just prefer my meat to be mostly medium well. The accompanied mashed potatoes was really delicious too. 

Dessert (Left to Right) - 
Crystal Sea Salt Toffee Crème Brulee - RM25, Apple Tarte Tatin - RM25, 'Gelatine Free' Chocolate Chilly Mousse - RM20.

They only have three variety of desserts in the menu and they were all pretty good but my personal favourite is the Apple Tarte Tatin, the apple tart is freshly baked to order and it's served with in-house made vanilla ice-cream that's so, so good. 

Dex, on the other hand, love their Creme Brulee, as according to him, it's one of the few wonderful creme brulee he has ever tasted. The custard was smooth, creamy and not 'gelatine' in texture with well-balanced of sweet and salty flavour. 

The Chocolate Chilli Mousse was good too but it's not something that we would order in general. It's made with bittersweet belgium dark chocolate, which is amazing, but with a heat that comes at the end, lingering around the back of tongue and throat area. 

Thanks Chef Donny Liew for the meal.

 Hugo's In The Sky By Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Hotel Genting Highlands

I highly recommend this place if you are planning for a proposal, anniversary, honeymoon, or even a for a date. It's perfect for a quiet evening with your partner, enjoying the view, the weather, and the good food. Dex and I will definitely return some day!

For more information, visit Best Western Premier Ion Delemen Facebook page or official website.


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