Saturday, July 29, 2017

This BRA Has A Little HAMMOCK To Cup Your Breast!

I was recently invited to get fitted for Neubodi's new T-shirt bra collection. As as a huge t-shirt wearer and a fan of Neubodi myself, of course it's something I'll have to experience it myself. Through my life as a blogger, I've tried many types of bras, padded, non-padded, water bra, wireless, lightweight, etc. So how much more different can this new Neubodi bra collection be?

Let start with my history with Neubodi, I have quite a few from them and as much as I like them being one of the most supportive bras that helped me pull my back and side fats to the boobies, making them look fuller, I have one issue with them, is that most of them are not t-shirt material friendly due to their lace design.

Yes, I admit sometimes I do get head over heels on those beautiful lace designs and it looks really good but realistically, I would like to have one that I can wear out without showing too much of my bra design on my fitted T-shirt material tops. I personally prefers a smooth and seamless finish.

Thus, imagine my excitement when I found out this time, these supportive bras are going to be all with smooth finishes! Neubodi calls them the Smooth Express II collection and they recently released 3 new collections - Shanice U-Boost Collection, Wonda SexyUp Collection, and Aubree SexyUp Collection - but for this blogpost, I will only focus on one bra from the Shanice Collection that I have been testing them for more than a week. Here are my thoughts.

#1 The Hammock
Or the right term used by Neubodi, the U-Boost. They are Neubodi's patented innovation where the U-Boost sling within the cups that instantly increases bust volume in a more natural way. For me, after trying them out, I understand how this design is so special to me. The U-Boost cups and supports my breast much better and more naturally as compared to regular bra with paddings. It gives me a slight push up that's just nice to show my natural contour while my boobies are comfortably laying in there.

#2 Smooth Finish with Air Pockets
If you are correctly fitted, the smooth and silky outlook not only will stay invisible under your trickiest tops but the fabric of the bra is soft enough to make it feel like a second skin. This bra is also designed using Ultra-Breathe air pockets that enhances airflow and ventilation. I think these functions are great as staying in a hot and humid weather like Malaysia, I personally would like a bra to not only supports my boobs well but also a bra that allows my body to breathe while I'm out and about. This bra does exactly that!

#3 Wide Back Panels
Just like most of their bras, they all generally have a wider back panels with 3 hooks for not only secure fastening, it personally helps to support my shoulders and back, and keeps as a reminder to stand straighter instead of sloughing. The wider panels also helps to secure my armpit fats and the fats around the sides of underneath my armpits as well as the back area, that have been pushed back to the boobs/front. Long term of this can reduce the bra bulges while making your boobs a little bigger. :D Who doesn't want that?! 

Personally, I really do like these 3/4 cup bra and highly recommend them for people who wants good support and a natural push up effect. It made me look fuller but nothing dramatic or crazy or uncomfortable. If you are looking for something with more push ups, try the Neubodi Aubree SexyUp or the Wonda SexyUp as they are customised for superior uplift but at the same time providing a smooth and silky finish too.

It could be because it's a new bra but I'm truly glad to try this bra because it's definitely so far one of the most comfortable bra I've ever worn yet. I've always loved Neubodi's bra as they provide amazing support but now, I guess I have to love them even more thanks to the T-Shirt bra material that basically meets all my needs. Thank God for Neubodi!

Neubodi Shanice Collection 
Price: RM189
Size: 32-40, A-E cup
Colours: 3 colours

For more information, visit or your nearest outlet!


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Absolute Yana said...

Ooo...I definitely need this..since I am on the smaller side...allowing the boobs to grow naturally would be awesome...hoping can see the difference when I wear it...