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My Phillip Wain Facial & Massage Experience!

I'm so fortunate to be invited by Phillip Wain for a facial and body massage review session. I've heard about this place before and I am always intrigued to visit this place as they are a women's only one stop health and beauty centre. Not only they provide pampering sessions but also keeping fitness in mind with a well maintained gym and workout classes provided for their members. 

Phillip Wain has been around for about 30 years and currently has eight luxury fitness club located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Phillip Wain Women Exclusive Club has a high reputation and aims to meet their members needs by providing professional consultations, beauticians, nutritionist, fitness instructor, and a 6-star luxury private environment. 

Babor HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial

To me, facials are crucial in my life. When people ask me how do I maintain my skin, I would definitely say good skincare and facials. Facials are not just about extractions, it's also about lifting, firming, and rejuvenation. If you prefer going for a relaxing facial, this is definitely for you! 

Babor HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial is one of the most relaxing facial treatments I've ever received. Everything that they use are gentle but at the same time, applying enough pressure to help with lifting and firming. 

The facial process is as below: 
  1. Double Cleansing
  2. Enzyme Mask during face steam
  3. Mild extraction
  4. Needle-free Mesotherapy machine. This helps with nutrients penetration into the epidermal and dermal layer directly. Which tones up the skin and encourages skin cell regeneration. 
  5. Unique and relaxing lymphatic deep tissue lifting massage.
  6. Double layer mask.

I highly recommend this facial treatment. After the facial, my skin felt super smooth like baby's bottom and looks so much more rejuvenated. It was only a mild extraction that was painless. The needle-free Mesotherapy machine felt warm while massaging all over my face with a serum. I personally enjoyed the lymphatic deep tissue lifting massage the most. It definitely enhanced blood circulation on my face and made me, mentally and physically, to fully relax and destress. This also allowed me to enjoy a glowy skin for the next few days. 

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Meridians and Manipulation Massage (MTM)

Massages are also my thing but the new MTM massage by Phillip Wain is one that you'll have to be mentally and physically prepared for. I went in thinking that I will be receiving a super relaxing and unwinding body massage like the regular full body aromatherapy massage but it is nothing like that. This treatment uses buffalo horn tools and exquisite massage technique to manipulate Meridians, Accupoints, Muscles, and Fascias to unblock knots and remove the "cold' from the body. To be honest, other than muscles, I have no idea what the rest of the words are but this treatment ultimately helps to relieve pain and release muscle stiffness.

Meridians and Manipulation Massage (MTM)
Meridians and Manipulation Massage (MTM)

First, they will apply a special herbal cream that helps with hormonal balance and anti-aging along with a little oil for the massage. As you can see from the photos above, they used different buffalo horn tool to target different parts of my body's nodes and points. With the tools, it gets super specific and deep, I can feel every pressure. Some parts actually felt so so good but most parts were either a little tickle-ish and a little painful (my lower back and sides) or straight up painful (buttocks and thighs). 

It definitely wasn't a relaxing massage but I do think it helped in releasing a few of my tight knots and tensed muscles. The masseuse was great and was patient enough with my scream and shouts when it was a painful area. Alternatively, she will usually switch to using hands to massage those areas that I can't stand the buffalo horns. It was a great trick and it made the massage felt a whole lot better. 

Above picture shows some parts of my body that bruised up after the MTM treatment. This treatment is not my preference but I believe there are others who enjoys such massages where it really goes deep and get every lymph node in your body, just unfortunate that my body don't react well to these kind of massages. I'm not sure if this is close to Kua Sha because I've never tried them before but it could be a treatment to try if you like Kua Sha.

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Overall, I love the vibe Phillip Wain oozes. It's definitely a place where women unwind, gym, and destress. It's peaceful, very zen, and luxurious feeling. Plus, each staff is focus on a specific task, such as a facial beautician will only do facial treatments and a masseuse will only provide massage treatments. It's great because they are the best in what they do. 

I personally recommend the Babor HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial to anyone while the MTM massage, only go if you think you need or like this sort of massage treatment. 

Once again, if you are interested in any of these treatments, do fill up the form below for an exclusive trial price. I am not getting commissions from this. 

Babor HSR Age Freeze Sensation Facial: http://bit.ly/2rThq3h
MTM Massage: http://bit.ly/2sTCuu8

For more information on Phillip Wain Malaysia, visit Phillip Wain Malaysia's Website


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