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[Likes & Dislikes] Mizzue Convertible Stylish Backpack Review!

I so excited to be able to collaborate with Mizzue on reviewing one of their bag because I've been their ads on Facebook so often recently and they all look so good with great buy-1-free-1 promotion and discounts. Personally, I was already eyeing on a few of their backpacks that I can use on casual outings, travelling, and maybe as a gym bag. Thus, I'll need it to be big enough to pack in a whole load of stuffs yet not too big that will make the backpack look like it's weighting me down.

I end up settling for this simple yet stylish brown street-chic, contemporary versatile bag because at that time, it seemed like it had the functionality and style that I'm looking for. From Mizzue's official website, it's called the Lavonna Latulas.

Quoting from the website, this backpack is crafted from buttery-soft, washed faux leather, with top flap opens to reveal a fully-lined, spacious interior with side inner pockets for added organisation. Currently, they have other five colour variety that's to be completely honest, also looks classy to me as they are all muted colours that can be pretty easy to match with your daily outfits.

For a simple #OOTD, I thought I would pair it up with one of my favourite gym outfits since I've been planning to doing a Minute Lookbook video for my YouTube Channel. My outfit list as below: 

Blue Windbreaker - Uniqlo
Sports Bra and matching Pants - Triumph
Sports Shoes - Reebok
Backpack - Mizzue

What I Like About This Bag

#1 The Convertible Factor
I think if you've seen my video, I've shown how this bag is convertible from a backpack to a shoulder bag, which I absolutely am all about it. It's one of the major reason why I chose this bag for review in the first place because a lot of times when I travel, I'll never know when I need to keep my bag in sight to ensure my belongings are safe. Especially when shopping in a foreign country on my own that I personally don't feel safe carrying my bag at the back, being able to switch it to the side makes keeping an eye of my belongings easier.

#2 It's Uber Chic With Ton Of Storage Space
I love that it looks so stylish with the faux leather finishing (making it acceptable to be brought along when I attend media/blogger events) and zippers everywhere on the exterior that's functioning. Specifically, they have side pockets and the side pockets have side pockets too! Not everyday you get such "inception" style bag. Literally, after using this for a while now, I feel super organised with different items in its own place, I don't have to go dig around for my little things. AND PARKING TICKETS, placing them at the side most pockets made it so convenient when it's time to exit a mall.

The main storage place is huge that I can fit my DSLR Canon 70D in it if I need to, with additional lens and battery. Of course, it's not advisable to just throw the cameras naked in there as they are not meant for keeping your cameras protected. I'm just saying that it has a really big compartment. Love it.

#3 The Expandable
The third thing that I really like about this bag is the ability to expand. Well, not much, at the very least the top opening area, I can choose to pop them buttons open if I needed it. Additionally, the design of this bag make the bag easy to store in a confined space, especially when I don't have huge walking closet specifically for bags. Otherwise, it's also easy to hang due to the top handle that's pretty sturdy. 

What I Don't Like About This Bag

Unfortunately, this bag is not perfect. I seriously wished it was. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating my honest opinion so you'll be able to take note of it before purchasing them. 

#1 Flimsy Shoulder Straps
First of all, I am glad that the straps are wide and looks good exteriorly. However, it's not sturdy. When I adjusted the straps, backpack style, to my preferred length, after a while when I'm happily walking around, it keeps moving all over the place. It doesn't want to stay in one length. The issue is that the buckle is a little too smooth for the beautiful, shiny straps, making them slippery and easily adjusted even when it's not meant to be moving. 

#2 It's Not Ergonomic
I have a feeling that it could be just fashion but this bag doesn't hang right on my back. It leaves a huge gap between my top back and the bag instead of sitting close to my entire back. I mean, I don't know, maybe bags that hung like that looks good in OOTD pictures but it kinda ticks me off a little because it felt uncomfortable after carrying it around for a longer period of time. It gets worst if I have a bag full of stuff. I feel like it can be bad for my shoulders and back in a long run, thus, I only now opt for this occasionally. I think because of this reason specially, I'll continue to hunt for my perfect chic backpack. 

#3 Side Pockets Can Be Improved
I know I mentioned that I loved the amount of side pockets they have on this bag but there's room for improvement. The quality of the zippers are fantastic and the size is great. My issue with it is that if they had flipped the zipper direction, it would have been perfect because at the moment, my regular 500ml/600ml bottle keeps falling off the bag when I carry them around. Zipping them to keep them closer to the bottle doesn't help because it's in a direction where bottle is still prone to falling. It's truly unfortunate. 

Personally, I will still use this bag occasionally until I find my perfect backpack. If this bag is not for you, I believe there's definitely one that will suit you if you take the time to check the variety that Mizzue has to offer. I still love this brand with its friendly-navigated website. I love how they will show you so many pictures and angles of a particular bag, and sometimes even with videos showing you how much you can put in the bag. That's truly helpful!

If I get to choose for another review, above are the few backpack that I would choose. They are the (Left to Right) Nikole Kobylski, Tania Isacson, and Leta Turnpaugh. Specifically Leta Turnpaugh, on the right most because again, versatility. It has a crossbody pouch that you can detach, which is great for travelling because you don't need to purposely bring another smaller bag when you are out sight-seeing. Seriously, GENIOUS!

If you are interested, check out their website at They do selling other designs other than backpacks and they have daily discounts and promotions going on!


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