Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jonlivia ActivPants S5+ (HOTPANTS) Review!

I've recently uploaded my Favourite Gym Outfits video on my YouTube Channel and it features this Jonlivia Long ActivPants S5+. They are essentially a hotpants, a pants that makes you sweat on the inside while keeping it dry on the outside.

I've spoke about Jonlivia's Hotpants (Link Here) before but that was their previous version. Now, with this new version, they've added new features such as:
  • 100% genuine Neoprene Made
  • Super absorbent and claims to be 1st only Airy Fabric built-in in Malaysia
  • Inner Pocket
  • Softest and claims to be Most Stretchable ActivPants
  • High-rise Design
  • Flat Lock Seams

First of all, I do think that this newer version is definitely much flattering on me because of it's high-rise/waisted design, it makes my waist area look smaller when there's a line to provide an illusion of separating the waist and the hips area. The pants is definitely very soft, smooth, and stretchable, which means that it will still fit even if you had way to much to eat for a season and decides to diet for another season. Of course, as long as you don't gain too much or lose too much weight, the pants will still fit. I definitely appreciate the Flat Lock Seam feature as it contributes to the smooth look of the overall design of the pants.

While wearing this on normal days doing my regular duties, it definitely does help to sweat even with minimal movements. For example, I spent most of my time sitting in front of my laptop working or writing up my thesis, and at the end of the day, taking this off made me feel like I've done some crazy leg workout as I'll notice that the surface of my skin is damp while the inner lining of the pants will be wet. The best part is that the outside of the pants will stay dry throughout. Plus, it looks super good as leggings. I think that's fantastic! 

Wearing them to the gym is of course, stepping up the sweat game. Similarly, I'll feel super good and it keeps it dry on the outside while you are sweating crazy inside. I have no issues with doing any sort of movements, the pants doesn't resist in any way, which is great because the last thing you want is having your sports wear failing on you while working out. However, I realised after a really hefty gym session where I was sweating to the extreme, the Flat Lock Seam line in between the butt becomes wet, as if my sweat "sweat" through the seam line due to heavy sweating and they had no wear else to go. It only happens when I sweat like mad but it is definitely something you should take note. 

I think it's great that they have pocket this time but unless you actually go for marathons or run outdoors on the streets/parks, you'll probably never use them. As of this moment, I mostly only do workouts indoor and gym indoors, so I never used the pocket function before.

Overall, I still think that this is a great hotpants as both lifestyle wear and gym wear. It's comfortable, it keeps the exterior dry, doesn't cause major resistance, and it looks good on the body. So why not? Plus, they are currently running a promotion on this for only RM188.00 (Ori price - RM250.00). 

If you are interested, do they have other lengths such as bike and capri, all at different price point with no shipping fee. Do check out Jonlivia official website at


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