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Not Every Hydrating Product Will Work For Your Skin Type | MAMONDE Floral Hydro Toner & Cream Review

Let's keep this review short and sweet because for me, the Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner and Cream didn't work out on my dry skin type even though it claims to provide long-lasting hydration. That's the funny thing about skincare, not every product will 100% work for you just because they tick all your face requirements checklist. It's very much trial and error. This doesn't mean that the brand is bad or all of their products don't work for you, it just means that the particular product doesn't work for you and they could possibly work for other people.

I believe these babies got a facelift and no doubt the packaging look so much better than the previous versions. It's so much younger and fresh now. I was pretty excited to try them because they smell so good and it's about time for me to switch up my skincare products. It was also unfortunate to find out that these don't work well for me. I'm going to straight into my thoughts on these products because you can find most of the generic information on these all over the internet.

Even on, since now, Mamonde have expanded it's market presence online through 11street's site. However, to ensure it's authentic, you are advised to look out for deals listed under Mamonde Malaysia with the logo below when ordering your products.

STAR PRODUCT - Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner 150ml (RM89)

It's made to relief the skin from dryness and tightness after washing, as well as to lock in moisture. Plus, it claims to be a  "Highly enriched moisture ampoule toner". I really do like everything about this but after using them, the product completely absorb into my skin and somehow left my face feeling thirsty and dry. The one pump is not enough but I really don't want to layer this too much as they contain alcohol in it. 

I know some will sure say that it's an ampoule and it's meant to absorb into the skin but to me, it's also a toner and I want my daily skincare toner to make me feel good upon application. 

I think this will suit better for those with combination to oily skin type, plus it smells of nice pleasant floral scent, why wouldn't anyone like this if it works for them. A little sad that my dry skin don't approve of this, at least for now and the condition of my skin currently.

Floral Hydro Cream 50ml (RM109)

Imagine my excited when I read CREAM on the label. Though, opening up to find it being more of a gel-cream was a little anti-climatic but I still was hopeful and gave it a good try. Again, this is comes with a strong moisturing and moisture lock features with a light weight texture. No doubt it's really light weight and smells really nice, but also again, didn't do enough for me as a moisturiser. Similarly to the toner, it absorbs completely into my skin and leave the surface of my skin feels a little dry. It's definitely more moisturising than the toner but as a moisturiser, it doesn't cut it into my book of good moisturisers.

I definitely need something that's not only going to absorb into my skin but also leaves my skin feeling hydrated with a slight dewyness on my face. That's how I prefer my moisturisers. Similarly, I think this will be something that a lot of people with combination to oily skin will like because it's extremely suitable for the Malaysian weather. It's just not for me.

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