Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NEW Physicians Formula Cushion Foundation Review [Video First Impressions!]

I love cushion foundations due to its convenience especially when it comes to travelling with it. I've pretty much been living on some of my favourite cushion foundations lately such as Dior, Laneige, Mamonde, and Missha's Natural Cover Tension Pack. Obviously when Physicians Formula mentioned that they want to send me their new cushion foundation for review, I said yes. 

I believe this is Physicians Formula's first foundation in cushion form. We can probably say FINALLY. Personally, I love their Nude Wear Blusher, PH Match Maker Lip Gloss, and Shimmer Strips Nude Palette (one of the best highlighter I've tried). However, I never had a good impression on their foundations, especially the Nude Wear Touch Of Glow Foundation, I really dislike that particular one. So this was interesting for me. 

As usual, below is my first impressions of this product in video but if you prefer reading, do scroll on further. 

From what I see on Watsons Malaysia website, they only have 2 shades available, Light and Medium. Of course, they sent me a Light. I was so hopeful that it would be a good match. Unfortunately, it oxidized on me quite badly and turned into an orange-tan colour on my face in person. You can probably tell if you look attentively from the first picture, comparing my face and my neck. It is so annoying because the product itself or the formula of this cushion foundation is actually pretty good. 

It applies on easily, wears nicely on my skin, feels lightweight and covers from light to medium. It doesn't cause any major transfer and it does have that airbrushed finish look, which is great! WHY, why do I always have colour issues with Physicians Formula's foundations?! 

Other than that, the compact itself it actually pretty bulky. I'm not the biggest of the fake cushion design on the compact, it's really unnecessary thickness added on the compact. The puff is great but the mirror is quite small, it doesn't cover the entire inner part of the compact like other cushions do.

They finished semi-matte with just a hint of healthy dewy glow. It catches on some of my dry patches but nothing too major. This is definitely great for those with oily to combination skin. I think even people with dry to combination skin type can get away with this foundation. Only not for those with severe dry skin.

I'll definitely recommend this cushion foundation to anyone if their sadly available two shades fits your skin tone. It's a great foundation but it oxidizes quite a bit, thus, even the lightest shade don't fit me. Just unfortunate, I quite like the formula on this. Anyway, I've given it to my friend in hoping it would fit her skin tone better. Why waste such a great product?!

Price from Watsons Malaysia: RM82.90 before discount. RM74.61 after discount.


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