Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jonlivia Hot Belt Review [Video Included]

I've probably mentioned this before, ever since my move, I've been hitting the gym and swimming quite often lately and I've also been trying to shed some fats and attempt to tone my body up. Thus, I'm glad that I'm collaborating with Jonlivia again to try out some of their new items. 

They've sent me a few things but I will review them in stages. For this blogpost, I will be reviewing the Jonlivia Hot Belt. As usual, to kick things of, you may start by watching my video as below. Otherwise, scroll on to read my thoughts on this self heating belt.

Jonlivia claims this unisex hot belt to be helpful with slimming belly fat, lumbar spine and stomach problems, period pain and cold, and cold stomach, long hours of standing and sitting, self-heating, safe and convenient product and gives a significant effect. 

Those are written on the website. TBH, I'm not quite sure what some of them mean such as cold stomach and I'm not sure how it will help with stomach problems. What I know is that this self heating belt heats up well and it makes you sweat. The interesting thing, is that it makes you sweat not only at your stomach area where it covers but also, somehow, it makes my body felt warm overall while using this. 

On the website, it is advised to use two times a day for 1-2 hours each usage but from my personal experience, I couldn't pass 45minutes of usage each time. I usually stick to 30-45minutes because it starts getting unbearable as it does get too hot till it's somewhat painful to my skin. After removal, you'll continue to feel warm at that particular area for about 10-15 minutes because it completely cools down. Also, know that it might cause your skin to look red after removal (I've shown mine in the video) but the redness will go off after a while too. 

Definitely, wearing this does help me to stand and sit up straighter which is great for my back. As for slimming, after trying them out for a week, I honestly did not see any result, I didn't lose any inches. However, it could be because I wasn't wearing them as often as I should. Though, I do think that sweating is great as it helps to lose excess water weight and removes toxins. Plus, although I have not tried this for my period cramps yet but I do feel this would be a great help to ease those period cramp days since it heats up pretty well. 

Just like many others, I do wish that this comes in a wider form to cover my entire belly area. 

Overall, I think this as a self heating belt works well as it should be. Although I did not see results in reduced waist inches but I felt good sweating it out while sitting down working, watching movies at home, and even while doing house work. Of course, you'll still have to watch your diet and exercise if you want to lose weight, don't expect this to do this for you. If anything, this is just a product to enhance your workout session or to continue to work your tummy area while not exercising. It's easy to use, no hassle with wires, lightweight, and extremely mobile. If you are looking for a hot belt to enhance your workout, this will be a fantastic choice.

Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt - Size available in S, M, L/XL - Price RM88 each.

For more information and purchase, visit Jonlivia's Website.


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Absolute Yana said...

oh my that red dots scared me for a bit...but i guess that happens when something is too tight on our skin...I am just wondering is it like hot as in like oilment kind of hot or just very heaty hot?

JQLeeJQ said...

@Yana, after leaving it for long enough, it can be the oilment type of hot where it pain burns type. Thus, it's time to remove.