Friday, June 23, 2017

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch Pyeong Chang \\ Must Do In Gangwon Province!

I really do like this place. It's unfortunate that it was crazy cold during winter and the snow was becoming ice, making it rather dangerous to walk on. I finally understood why you need proper snow/winter shoes for the season, it's not just because it looks cool but you'll really need it for functionality purposes. Sorry, a Malaysian girl like me who's pretty new at travelling is probably stating the obvious. I'm glad I actually bought a pair of good footwear just before the trip. 

Daegwallyeing Sky Ranch was established in 1974 and currently, it's sized approximately 900 million square meters. There are a number of cows, sheeps, and other animals that are usually free to roam around this huge ranch. This place is well preserved and it also produces first-class milk as well as top quality Korean beef. Some activities such as feeding the ranch animals are family friendly. I highly suggest taking the tractor wagon up to the Observatory as the view is magnificient up there. However, choose a timing when it's not too cold as the wind is a huge factor. It would probably be nice during the Summer. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get to stay long at the Observatory area as it was just way too cold. My hands froze within minutes of trying to take good shots there. Plus, the animals weren't out during my visit, which is fine, since my tour group didn't really have the luxury of time to chill and enjoy the place. 

Operating Hours: 
They divided their operating hours to Summer (April to September) and Winter (October to March). I don't know why but basically, it opens every season with last admission being an hour before closing. The timing is as below: 

Summer (April to September) - 9am-6pm
Winter (October to March) - 9am-5.30pm

Admissions Fee: Adults 5,000 won and Child 4,000 won. Check for discounts for groups and senior citizens. 

For more info, visit this website.


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