Saturday, June 10, 2017

[Blog Detox] My Fav Sheet Mask + Bonus!

I'm joining the Blog Detox by The Butterfly Project bandwagon for fun, at least once before my schedule goes all hectic again due to my thesis. It's time to get back to uni to get that over with, which also means I will have to split my focus for at least another 3-4 months. Oh well, life goes on, I'm almost there.

I love, love, love sheet mask. They are easy to use and super nourishing to the skin. Getting that instance radiance and hydration has never been this convenient. Plus, they are pretty reasonable. Personally I have a few favourites but usually I'll run out of that particular brand and refrain myself from purchasing them as I have other masks in my collection to try and go through.

But anyway, let me introduce you to my current favourite face mask and a little bonus, my current favourite eye mask! They are the Hada Labo Retinol Firming Mask and the Gobdigoun IL Porco Eye Patch in Gold EGF. 

Let's start with the eye mask first because I've actually reviewed this before which you may check it out here. Gobdigoun IL Porco Eye Patch in Gold EGF is a Korean brand that's meant to serve anti-aging purposes. What I love about this eye mask is the jelly texture of the patch which makes it super cooling to put on. Feels so good when using this during the hot weather. Plus, it really hydrates my skin after every usage. 

Next up the mask, the Hada Labo Retinol Firming Mask is awesome because the first ingredient in its ingredient list is water and it doesn't have alcohol. I'm not the most fussy when it comes to ingredients but these two helps in my decision if I'm going to add or minus marks to a certain product. 

Additionaly, it has anti-aging properties. Lols, okay, I'm at that age where I'm starting to see the light for anything firming and lifting. I love this mask sheet as it's very sturdy and thick, doesn't feel like it will tear easily. It sticks to my skin well, didn't really fall often. As expected, super hydrating and skin feels amazing after removing them. Also, because it's hada labo, it's easily available in Watsons and Guardian or other local shops. 

In another word, masking is also my way of detoxing! <3 p="">xo, 

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Tiffany Lee said...

I'm big fan of Hadalabo products but the red packaging series are not suitable for my skin type >< but I want to try out the eye mask coz I have serious panda eyes already 😂😂😂

Absolute Yana said...

that eye mask got me really interested! how much is it? have not tried out hada labo's products yet... >.<

Rikajue said...

Yes, masking is like detoxing too! I love Hada Labo products, mostly works on my skin, compared to other products. Quite sad though when some products don't work but it's a trial and error and always can pass to family or friends instead of wasting away in my drawers. Lol.

JQLeeJQ said...

@Tiffany The eye masks are awesome! But really I feel mostly hydration only. Not sure if it helps with dark circles or not.

@Yana It's available in watsons. can check watsons online. Should around 50 plus. :) and yes the eye mask is really super comfy

@Rikajue True, I have some products dont work for me too. so I give it away too. ;)

cindy said...

i just use this mask the other day too...not bad in my opinion but still not the best yet in my book ahhaha....but for the price i think it's quite good already...

Yanrula said...

You're so cute! Should've read your review first before I checked out some other brand's eye patch this morning haha x

Maple Shuh Hong said...

I have both of the masks too! Yea, I like the jelly texture patch for the same reason too!