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Sol Beach Hotel & Resort in Gangwon Review

hotel in korea, 5 star

The first and second night in Gangwon, Korea, I was pampered with such a luxurious hotel. The SamCheok Sol Beach Hotel and Resort is huge and really well maintained. It's unfortunate that I didn't have the time to spend a day chilling around the hotel, that would have been amazing because they have so many areas that you can walk around and enjoy the view of the ocean. I don't have the pictures but it's in my video, I do recommend visiting the Santorini park here during the day. 

As for my hotel room, I was staying in a Superior Double room with a view facing the nearby beach that's unfortunately not connected to the hotel for safety purposes. 

I absolutely love the huge mirror in the toilet as well as the bright white lights that's great when I do my makeup. Also, love the huge table space that I can dump all my skincare and shower products there. The toilet bowl is heated, yasss! And it has all the technology that a toilet bowl will need but I have no idea how to use them because it's all in Korean language. 

Unfortunately, it only has a shower place, there's no bathtub to soak in. The amenities though, is actually by a pretty good brand called Korres. I've seen some of their products on a few Korean specialised beauty websites before. 

5 star hotel in korea

The king sized bed is extremely comfortable, I had a really good time sleeping on it. I only had issue trying to figure out if I'm turing the heater or the AC on because again, the remote is fully in Korean. Definitely will need the heater to be on as the room is quite cold during the winter.

The room is extremely spacious with good wifi connection. It also has a decent cupboard space and a big TV with a number of English channels. Otherwise, mostly are Korean channels with no sub titles. There's also a kettle where you can boil your own hot water and a balcony that's decent enough to chill if it's not too cold. 

I believe because this hotel is a little further from town, at the lobby area itself, it has a few stores that are rather handy if you do choose to spend a day within the hotel area. They have a convenient store with a mini Olive Young outlet in it, a play zone arcade place, an indoor aqua world, baskin robins, and even a chicken and beer restaurant. Of course, they also have a few souvenirs stores and such.

Even the breakfast is pretty lavish, all kinds of fresh fruit juices, all types of tea, to an interesting selection of spices. There's definitely something for everyone as it has the usual international breakfast selection as well as Korean dishes. 

If you are interested, this place also has apartment style accommodation if you are looking for a bigger place with cooking area. Personally, I really do like this hotel. I would give it a 5 star hotel experience for me in Korea. 

Daemyung Sol Beach Hotel and Resort (대명쏠비치호텔&리조트)
678, Seonsayujeok-ro, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do.
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