Wednesday, May 31, 2017

POWDER LIPPIE?! DIOR Rouge Gradient Lip Shadow Duo Review \\ JQLeeJQ

I received this ages ago and have been holding this off my lips specifically to do a first impressions video on my YouTube channel. Finally found the time to do it and here's the review!

I've seen a couple of powder lip products in the market but mostly are from a Korean brand. It was pretty trendy a while back but I never really thought about trying it as I have pretty dry lips and I have a gut feeling that it would be too drying for my lips.

So when DIOR sent me their new Spring Collection items and it includes this DIOR Rouge Gradient Lip Shadow Duo in Red, it is the perfect time to give the whole powder lippie trend a test.

As usual, video review is as below or if you prefer to read, scroll on further for my written thoughts about this product.

I personally think it has a pretty sleek packaging. It's compact and easy to carry around. It has a soft sponge applicator on both ends with powder hidden in the tube. The colour however, is not as true to it's packaging. I expected more peach on the lighter side while a true red on a darker side. Of course, this is definitely not the most hygienic lippie as there's really no other way to apply them other than using direct from the available sponge tip. So, if its yours, keep it to yourself. I really don't know how the sponge tip can be clean either if you are OCD with sanitising your makeup products.

After trying it out, as mentioned in the video, I love the colour and it wasn't that hard to apply either. Overall it turned out well but as expected, it's super drying on the lips. Matte for sure and definitely a much lighter texture than a liquid lipstick but just as drying. It doesn't transfer much at the back of my hand but will fade after meal. 

I believe this lip product leans more towards the Korea trend of not precise gradient lip application and it does its job as a gradient lip as it blend pretty easily as compared to some other gradient lippies I've tried in the past. For me, I will probably use this because of the colour but definitely will slap on a ton load of lip balm or DIOR's Maximizer gloss on it. 

 DIOR Rouge Gradient Lip Shadow Duo - RM125


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